Sunday, January 31, 2010

Therapeutic Touch For Everyday Healing

Therapeutic Touch For Everyday Healing

by Mary Kirby, LMHC

I first learned how to do therapeutic touch with a wonderful group of women who met together weekly for support around issues of loss, grief, trauma and relationships. Not an unusual group in many ways, except that the facilitator taught us all to do therapeutic touch. At the time (six years ago), I thought this was a novel thing to do in a support group. Only a few short years later I understood that not only did the experience of learning a healing modality bring us closer together as a group, but it gave us the gift of realizing that we are all beings of light and energy, and that we could bring about everyday healing experiences in ourselves and those we love through gently "touching" the energy field.

Learning to touch and clear the energy field is a gift that anyone can give to themselves. So many people believe that they will not be able to sense the energy field. Many think that some special talent or ability is required. One of the most wonderful aspects of therapeutic touch is that it is available to everyone. I have taught therapeutic touch for two years now, and my favorite experience with teaching is getting to see the looks of excitement on my students' faces when they sense the energy field for the first time. The first time they dear a classmate's headache or their child's stomach ache, they just light up.

The philosophy behind therapeutic touch is much the same as for many energy work modalities. The idea is that the energy field is the template for our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. When the energy field is blocked or imbalanced, dis-ease in these areas results. When life force is running freely through the energy field and the field is dear and unblocked, then people are able to manifest abundance in their health, emotional and spiritual lives. Interestingly, therapeutic touch has been taught in nursing curriculums for dose to one hundred years and has been pioneered in this country by Delores Kriegger.

Learning therapeutic touch requires learning to sense the energy field and notice areas of imbalance in the field. Providing therapeutic touch to someone requires learning a multi-step process of setting a loving intention that the energy world supports the practitioner and the recipients highest good, "scanning" the energy field for imbalances, sweeping or clearing the energy field, balancing the field, and setting a dosing intention. For those wishing to experience a brief introduction to this work, try the following exercise.

The next time you are feeling stressed, find a quiet spot. Begin by sitting in a comfortable chair. Now place your hands, palms down, a few inches above the middle of the top of your head. Notice what your fingers feel. You may feel a tingling sensation, warmth or a prickliness. If you don't feel anything, ask yourself what color or sound is associated with that' part of your energy, field. Now move your hands in a smooth motion head to toe, palms facing your body, down the front of your body, out past your feet and into tine air in front of you. Then shake them off as if you were shaking off water at the end of the motion. "Sweep" your energy field several more times from the top of your head to out past your toes, shaking off your hands at the end of each motion.

Now place your hands above the middle of the top of your head. What do you feel now? Does it feel cooler, less prickly, less tingling? If you used color or sound, have they changed? Now, check to see how your stress level is. Does your head feel lighter, do you feel more relaxed? If you did not get a change, try a few more sweeps. Check for a change again. Now give your hands a rinse in cool running water to wash off any sticky energy that was picked up while you were clearing your energy field. You are now done, and hopefully feeling more relaxed and centered. Congratulations! You have just completed your first basic therapeutic touch self-treatment!



  1. This is clearly attributed to the Theta. Healing done with the use of the theta brainwave state, like modalities such as Thetahealing and Reiki, not only can heal physical illness, but also heals doubts in the soul.

  2. Actually, it was Dora Kunz, a psychic who was president of the Theosophical Society in America, who developed the method. Kriegger helped with the more scientific aspect, so to say.