Monday, January 18, 2010

Transform Your Life Through a Vision Quest

Transform Your Life Through a Vision Quest
Keith Varnum

Did you know that throughout history people have gone into Nature seeking profound spiritual revelations, dramatic physical healings and liberating emotional breakthroughs? Why? Because the dynamics of Nature naturally break you out of habitual mental ruts to generate fresh, imaginative approaches and make new, inspired life choices..

In the quiet, empty, ageless spaces of remote canyons, you can often get clearer answers to your spiritual or practical questions than through traditional sitting meditation.

For thousands of years, people have used the vision quest as an active, moving meditation through which the soul gives guidance using the mirror of the external, physical world.

The quest can act as a rite of passage marking an important transition or time in a person's life. It can also act as a rite of renewal, of soul healing or rebirth, or of strengthening understanding and connection to Self and to the Earth. In addition, the quest can be a rite of dedication or a celebration of life purpose and passion.

There are as many different types of quests from rigorous to gentle, in settings from mountain peaks to deep canyons as there are visions.They all explore the alchemical,
transformative power of Nature.

Cool, shaded paths along lush, rushing streams are very relaxing and conducive to receiving the helpful messages from our souls delivered by birds, animals and stones. High on towering cliffs eagles speak, the wind caresses, and you taste new realizations. You drink from the well of the deep blue of the sky~Plants advise you~ Rocks give strength~

~You listen~

~You heal~

~You transform~

People experience a vision quest as an ever-changing river, bubbling past obstacles, washing away what is no longer needed, carving out new niches, flowing into expanded territory, and providing life-enhancing energy.

Returning from the quest is a time of great exuberance and joy, celebrating the healing and wholeness that you have found… You re-enter your life, bringing your unique, re discovered gifts and opened heart back to family, friends, community and work…
You create permanent breakthroughs in abundance, health, career and life purpose~


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