Sunday, January 17, 2010

Look At Me

Look At Me

I'm The Bee Butterfly, Brook And Breeze

By Hal Manogue

>" The bee is not afraid of me, I know the butterfly; The pretty people in the woods receive me cordially. The brook laughs louder when I come, the breezes madder play. Wherefore, mine eyes, thy silver mist? Wherefore, O summer days?" Beautifully written thoughts by Miss Emily Dickinson, she is an inspiration.

Her words touch a world I sometimes forget. A world that looks to be outside of me, but is really connected to the consciousness that I am. Just by stopping and looking around me, I can see a part of me so vividly. It's not what society tells me to look at or to feel, but there it is, waiting for me to love it.

Nature and all the consciousness that is within it, is connected. I am part of nature, and each bee, butterfly, brook and breeze is an extension of who I am. It takes only my thoughts to put me in sync with all life. The feeling of unity and new birth that spring brings, engulfs me. The vibrant fullness of summer wraps me in the grandeur of well being. All the trees, plants, insects and animals come together to express themselves and to expand in the presence of themselves. Each life form is a part of All There Is, Love incarnating to feel itself in joy. How beautiful! A world created by Love, so I can grow and blossom into the grander version of myself, so I can know who I am.

I can choose not to see that world. I can be caught in the throws of daily turmoil and pain. I can see everything as separate from me, a constant fight for survival. The mighty always win the wars, but who am I fighting, but myself? I can feel unattached, alone, fearful and angry. I can make each day uneventful misery. I can feel sick, tired and restricted. I can let someone else live life for me, through distorted beliefs.

I know which world feels better.

I have made my choice and I know who I am. I am spring, summer, fall and winter. Filled with the energy of the universe. I'm connected to my source and am a part of All There Is. I throw myself in the basket of love and share myself in unconditional universal service. I am gratitude and giving, here to express myself in freedom, awareness, connection and contrast.
I am what you are, Love.


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