Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Magickal Crystal Children

The Magickal Crystal Children

By Adrienne Dumas

The Crystal Children are those born after the Indigo Children. The Crystal Children are much like the Indigo Children, except they are more calm & peaceful. The Indigo Children have a Warrior Spirit and the Crystal Children are more serene. The Crystal Children are here to teach us to live in Harmony. Many of the Crystal Children are born and will be born between 1995-2010.The Crystal Children will work very closely with the Fairy/Elemental Realms. They love the outdoors and feel strongly attracted to the Fairies, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Frogs, etc, and they also love and feel attracted to Rocks & Crystal Gems.

The Crystal Children are natural born healers. Some Crystal Children might even begin to heal people the moment they are born by simply touching someone! Their positive & healing energy is phenomenal and is much needed during this time on our planet. They are here to teach us to live in Harmony, to live our lives based upon Love & Light, and they will also teach us how to heal ourselves and one another. They will show us how Forgiveness can create Miracles, and how we can Manifest anything that we truly desire (which they will learn mostly from the God/Goddess, Ascended Masters, Angels, & Fairies).

Many Crystal Children have been here before (meaning that they have existed on this earth before in other lives), and were High Priests & Priestesses, Wizards, Shamans, Nuns, Monks, and maybe even Saints in their past lives. Many Crystal Children can easily recall their past lives. The Crystal Children are also very artistic. They love to listen to beautiful music, and they love Art, Books, Poetry, & Crafts and as they grow up they will begin to create more beauty in our world with their gifts & talents.

A Crystal Aura: The Crystal children have multi-colored, opalescent Aura’s. Their aura’s highly resemble the pastel hues of a Quartz Crystal. They can also see Angels, Fairies, Deceased Loved Ones, etc. But what makes them a little different from the Indigo’s is that the Crystal Children can easily “read” someone - their aura’s and energy - and they can “see into your soul” simply by looking into your eyes. They tend to stare at people - into their eyes - but they do so in such a way that they are also sending healing vibrations to that person. When someone is in the presence of a Crystal child they naturally feel “lighter” and more peaceful.


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