Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Brighter Tomorrow

A Brighter Tomorrow

by Owen Waters

Heart-powered consciousness is humanity’s destination in The Shift to the New Reality. As people continue to have experiences of heart-centered consciousness, their everyday state of consciousness shifts more and more into the heart-centered zone.

As detailed in my book, The Shift, there is a yin and a yang to heart-centered consciousness. Heart-felt consciousness is the yin or exploratory stage, and can be observed as the phase of heart consciousness expressed, for example, by ecological enthusiasts or “greenies.” It is the pinnacle of the first tier of human evolution.

The next step opens the way to a spiritual transformation because the heart is a bridge between the first and spiritual tiers of human consciousness. When a person takes that one step further, into the yang or action-
oriented phase of heart-centered consciousness, they experience heart-powered consciousness and gain awareness of the spiritual tier of human evolution. Heart-powered consciousness is where spiritual awakening occurs, changing the person’s viewpoint of reality permanently. Once a person sees and experiences this expanded vista of consciousness, it enhances their abilities for life.
After you have experienced such a spiritual awakening, you soon realize that unconditional love was always the only answer to all of life’s challenges. You gain an active sense of intuition so that your purpose in life begins to flow naturally through your inspiration and your actions. Synchronicity keeps appearing in your life as you find yourself in the right places at the right times, and the term “quality of life” takes on a deep and profound meaning.

How to Enhance Your Spiritual Awakening

The ancient Mayan calendars show that many different cosmic cycles converge and renew on December 21st, 2012. Many prophecies have indicated a period of chaos and confusion in the transition years leading up to this confluence of cycles in 2012. This is understandable as the old cycles are ending and many agendas of the Old Reality are rushing towards resolution and completion. Old issues, suppressed for years, are now bubbling up to the surface, demanding attention and resolution.

Today’s level of stress is likely to increase even more as 2012 approaches. The best way to handle such stress is to be centered and to resist the temptation to be drawn into dramas and conflicts. Most of such dramas are due to other people working through their “stuff,” and you always have the option to choose not to be drawn into them. Being in the now and focusing on what is – not what could be, or shouldn’t be, or what might be fear-inducing – provides the key to balance in a world full of increasing stress.
Daily meditation enhances your ability to become centered and free of stress. Regular, daily meditation deeply enhances your spiritual awakening. Any meditation technique will do this, although our Ultimate Meditation article provides a particularly effective technique.

A Brighter Tomorrow

Imagine what will happen when enough people reach heart-centered consciousness and start finding New Reality solutions to Old Reality problems. Imagine what will happen when enough people open their hearts to a caring sense of responsibility towards other people and towards the planet. Imagine how things will change when more and more people just say “enough” to the tired ways of the Old Reality.

The Spiritual Renaissance which has become apparent in the West will sweep across the globe in ways that match the diversity of the different cultures on Earth. In the New Reality, the search for a higher quality of life will replace the old search for a better standard of living.

Imagine what will happen when enough people are no longer willing to allow the rising toxicity in the air that they breathe, in the water that they drink, and in the food that they eat. Imagine when more and more corporations no longer support the blind pursuit of profit and, instead, support the new standard of “Profit with principles.”

When enough people reach heart-centered consciousness, we will see the day when public servants serve the public before they serve themselves. Alternative healthcare will flourish and become mainstream, bringing health and wholeness instead of toxic medications which only mask the symptoms of ill health.

In a heart-centered world, people will no longer feel alone in a crowd and communities will be built with an eye for beauty as well as utility. People will find the work which brings them the most joy. They will prosper, because that is what happens to people who love their work.

It is an easy prediction to say that a better world lies ahead, because happiness is a product of heart-powered consciousness, and heart-powered consciousness is the exact destination of The Shift.


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