Saturday, January 30, 2010

What About Aging?

What About Aging?

by Margo Knox

The human mind has many fears, near the top and after death must be ageing and the ideas of health and ill health. The truth is that we as human beings age as a natural process of life on planet earth and there has to be an exit mechanism for leaving or passing on.

However when you look at the idea of getting old and some of the accompanying health difficulties that can be faced it is easy to see the degree of societal conditioned thinking that says what this ageing process must look and feel like. And that the process it seems should be uncomfortable.

The fundamental underpinning principle of life is Mind,and we experience Mind as Conscious, Unconscious and Universal. People are programmed from a very young age that they grow old and various things happen to them on this flight path toward the final release of death. However contemplate opening to the Mind of the Universe and the Truth becomes available that there is far more available to us as humans than we ever thought possible. The Mind of the Universe has no concept of death or decay, only Life and infinite abundance, just waiting to be asked for and realized.

This of course flies in the face of much human experience. So is it possible to make the shift to thinking with the freedom of the whole or Universal Mind. Science has accepted the fact that our human body is totally and completely rebuilt every few years every single cell is replaced. Our body is not the one we lived in a few years previously. So how then do people keep diseases for years and have the ageing process be so difficult? The reason is simple, and yet it is the most profound of all.

The usual way for people who are ill is to focus on the ill health and accompanying unhealthy thoughts and therefore impress upon the subconscious mind the continuation of the disease.

If you believe that you are under the control of external forces that act upon you without your permission or maybe you dwell in the past of lost youth or opportunity while waiting for age to take its toll. These expectations will be impressed upon the subconscious mind. By going to doctors or naturopaths with a sickness to get some medicine, you are saying to your subconscious mind I have more faith in this concoction to do the work than my connection to Life Itself. And the subconscious mind will duly oblige and let that be. And the more you trust practitioners or doctors and medicines as an external force, the more the subconscious mind will effectively let you get on with it, whatever you choose that to be.

While taking the assistance of food and medicine to feed the body is of course part of life on planet earth. Take time to realize the Divine Force within. Feel the Energy and Unconditional Love flowing through you and know that you are a Divine channel through which Mind expresses and experiences. This is a conscious shift in attention. Maintain that feeling and knowing of this internal Energy flowing through you and know that as a co-creator of the Universe, you have unlimited powers of creation. This shift in attention will bring forth copious feelings of gratitude. The use of visualization and imagery to see you as perfect and healthy is a useful tool. No matter what appears to be going on. During your day, be vigilant with your mind releasing all unhealthy thoughts in your belief system and catch those that want you to believe that ageing is difficult and inevitable. Act, healthy, think, health and be healthy and you will be as you are.

This is the healing power of forgiveness.
All the Love in The Universe


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