Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Courage to Trust

The Courage to Trust

by Chris Bourne

Are you able to trust in the creative flow of the universe?
Modern Society encourages to 'be empowered' and so to work towards manifesting our desires in life. Even many spiritual teachings encourage us use the so called 'spiritual laws of the universe' to create the reality we want. It seems to me that this approach lacks trust that the natural underlying flow of consciousness is guiding us to our perfect destiny...

The universe is formed from pure consciousness with one central purpose - for that consciousness to know itself experientially. In order for this to happen, separation of ‘unity consciousness’ was necessary in order for there to be relativity between the parts - I can only know up in the presence of down, hot in the presence of cold etc.

Hence unity consciousness flowed outwards into the ‘separation’
which of course science observes as ‘the big bang’ - although ‘big flow outwards’ might be more appropriate!

But unity consciousness had a problem - its very nature is intangible.
The only way for it to know itself therefore would be to loose itself in something very solid and massive and supposedly real - matter for example. Therefore in loosing itself within matter, unity consciousness experiences first separation in order to know the absolute unity and completeness that it really is.

In my truth, as unity consciousness, we have set ourselves a challenge - could we be in this place of stillness ALL THE TIME? That is the true test of an enlightened state. In other words can we realise who we are in every circumstance both ‘pleasant’ and ‘unpleasant’? When the cold, hard reality of life creeps in, can we still transcend our fears and feel the love born of our innate completeness?

This can be a hard thing to do. How does love for example put food on the table and a roof over our heads?

Good question and one that can be answered within the natural flow of the universe. In the physical universe there is an ever expanding flow outwards to greater separation - in other words ‘disorder’. We observe it in the chaos that man is creating on the planet from selfish needs and wants - many have lost connection to the consciousness unifying us all.

However in quantum space, if you like unity consciousness space, the universe is ‘breathing back in again’. There is a flow back to ever higher levels of harmony. This flow can be heard, felt and observed when we let go of the things we think we want in the physical universe, in other words when the mind and emotions are still. Then we are guided on a pathway providing us all the things we need - not those things we think we want, but the things that help us remember who we are - the only real thing happening in the universe.

Therefore there is no need to effort in the manifestation of things in our lives. If we can simply let go and be in stillness, then we release inner tension, open up inside and our consciousness expands. We become as one with unity consciousness and with that our destined pathway in life. We observe synchronicity and feel a pull through the heart to follow a different course than that of the ego.

"The act of creating is the act of acceptance.
In looking within, we see past the distortions of the ego,
to find what is meant to be.
When we know what is meant to be,
we become as one with the creators will...
the inner most longing of our highest self,
we become an open channel and
infinite potential becomes manifestation through us,
and through us, the infinite circle is complete.

May you have the courage to let go and allow manifestation to happen through your life.

Love and best wishes



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