Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm Going To The Center of Myself

I'm Going To The Center of Myself

By Hal Manogue

John Stuart Mill said: "In all intellectual debates, both sides tend to be correct in what they affirm, and wrong in what they deny." As I look around this physical world, that statement is very true.

Denying who I am by only looking at one aspect of myself seems to limit my perception of life. Simply thinking that I am the form that goes through the daily exercises of survival, with blind ambition is yesterday's news.

There are so many road maps emerging within myself to guide me on my journey through this magnificent illusion. Like any map, in order for it to help, I must take the time to read it. Take the time is a silly thought, for I have all the time I need, whenever I need it, all that is required is my focus.

In the now age of thought, meditation seems to be the tool used to open myself to my self. Visions of sitting crossed legged in a room and chanting or meeting with a group in order to experience myself through the comfort of knowing others want to do the same thing, seems a bit uncomfortable for me.

In the quite of nature sitting among the trees, I have experienced another me. Relaxing in a chair with my eyes closed, thinking about breathing and the energy I am receiving, I have felt another me. Smiling in times of annoyance, realizing this is a time of contrast, and accepting it and forgiving it, I touch another me.

Giving my assistance to aid my fellow spirits in spite of my situation, I sense another me. Opening myself to experience and express love for all things, I love another me. These acts are my meditation, and they allow me to go to my center of oneness and express it, bringing a physical wholeness to me.

Call it self centered, call it self love, call it self-knowing. When I believe I can do these things, I will experience them and through that experience I will express my self and through that expression I will become a grander self. That is the purpose of all life to know itself in the cycle of oneness and to grow. It only takes my focused self to travel to the center of my self and smile at my source.


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