Sunday, January 17, 2010

To Be an Instrument of the Light

To Be an Instrument of the Light
Guy Finley

We are, at our innermost core, instruments of the Divine.

And the Divine is the Absolute: the total potential realms of all that is Light and Dark.

We are unique creatures in the secret Essence of this unending expanse because not only are we the living instruments of all possible reflections along with their corresponding intonations, but we may know that we "sing " these colors; we may realize these Timeless Songs of Living Light have their secret origin in the very center of our being.

The Peace of God is the Song of all of His Spheres: It is the music they intone as they spin and spread themselves throughout His universe.

Each orb of cold, dark dense matter -- or radiant light-streaming sun pulsates to the rhythm of its own heart; each sounding out its unique song until these tones merge as variegated hues of light scribed upon the perfectly white pages of the Book of Life. All as one they sing the celestial notes of a harmony such as is heard only by Angels on High. Nevertheless, these same Eternal Chords sound in us. and therein call to us to lend ourselves to their transforming intonations.

Listen! The sounds of Love will make you their instrument and pour Peace through you like a breath of fresh air passes through the waiting flute. But don't try to sing! And fear not the presence of sharps and flats or even the passing tone of some sweet whole note of joy.

For the One Who sings has composed this entire Symphony for you.

Just wake up.
Open –up
let yourself be played!


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