Thursday, January 14, 2010

Messengers and Messages


Messengers and Messages

In the twenty-first century, the messages

brought by our souls, come quickly - mainly

in dreams and synchronicities that make us

aware that we are more than physical beings

as we try to figure out the matrix of life that

we experience very day.

Messengers can

come from anywhere, any realm of

experience, generally experienced for a

'moment', messages received, then the

messenger moves on.

They be someone you meet, a signpost along

the road, something your souls guides you to

pay attention to, such as something written

on a billboard, the license plate of the car in

front of you, something you see in a film, on

TV, read in a book, words in a song, a

famous saying or quotation, something

overheard in conversation by two other

people, in a dream sequence or meditation,

just about anything, anywhere.

Perhaps you have seen or heard a particular

message in the past, but now that your

frequency of awareness is rapidly evolving,

the information speaks to you with a

different connotation.

Messages cannot be received until the

listener is paying attention and is on the

right frequency…It is most important to

recognize these messengers and messages

when they appear.

If you miss the message, or the messenger,

your soul will most likely replay the

message in another way until you 'get it', so

please be sure to check your 'text messages'

and those that come from other



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