Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Call of the Dolphins

The Call of the Dolphins

by Katryn Lavanture

Dolphins have a higher consciousness with which they communicate between themselves, other species, and humans. We call this their "frequency network". When a relationship needs to be initiated by the dolphins it is because the person has accessed that network vibrationally, outside of conscious awareness, and made themselves available to the dolphins. It is then that the process begins. This process is a transmission of vibratory frequencies from dolphin to human which activates energy centers in the physical and energetic bodies. When dolphins see that a person needs to be initiated into a relationship with them they will read the energy field of that person to see how best to proceed with the initial link into consciousness. The dolphins will connect with the person's higher knowing, and decide the way they will most likely be met by that person on a spiritual and/or physical level.

On the spiritual level the dolphins may make their presence know through the dreamtime or in meditation. In that altered state the person may be met by a dolphin and taken on a journey to other dimensional realities, taken to other dolphin groups and given lessons on earth stewardship, or they may receive specific information on new healing modalities - often involving the use of symbols and tones.

On the physical level the dolphins may feed information to the personality that urges the person to move into relationship with them in a more three dimensional way. This information may come as a strong urge to read all they can about dolphins, bring dolphin images and music into their lives, or go into dolphin waters and swim with them. Oftentimes a strong desire to swim with dolphins will follow spiritual interactions.

The primary focus of dolphins is activation of the heart. Through opening the heart a person has access to their true self and the reality of merging heaven and earth. Along with physical activation such as the release of endorphins in the brain, this opening causes the "bliss phenomena" often experienced when swimming with dolphins. It is the bliss of experiencing love in it's highest form. This love opens the heart, which connects one to their true self. This bliss is also a result of remembering the source from which we came, that place our soul would call home. People who are called by the dolphins share the same soul source as them, the same "home", and so connecting with dolphins is reuniting us with our forgotten roots in this earthly life. Then we can truly manifest who we really are with great clarity about our life's purpose. Dolphins serve as intermediaries between lower and higher consciousness, the practical and the mystical. They help people bridge polarities in themselves and their life.

Their activation is very specific to the individual and often more concentrated when one is swimming with them. When they meet with humans physically they see them as a hologram - all the levels of beingness are apparent in one scan. The mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states of the person are seen in their current state of evolution. The ego needs and the soul needs are apparent as well. The activation points, or energy centers, in each person are waiting for specific coded light frequencies to hit them so that they can begin to generate a new frequency in the subtle bodies of the person. When these points are activated by the dolphins there is created a direct line to higher consciousness through these new frequencies. This creates new ways of assimilating information between the higher self and the personality or ego, which allows easier manifestation of the true self. This makes a life of greater openness, clarity, peace and joy truly possible.

The activation process takes only a moment. What seems like a complicated process actually happens in minutes as the dolphins see each person through expanded and holographic senses. Oftentimes the dolphin activation is the major catalyst for changes that are being amplified and supported through the energy vortexes where most dolphin encounters are happening. In time there will be less need for actual extended dolphin contact as both dolphins and humans move into the next level of existence - one more focused on light body living.

The infusion of sacred symbols and holographic healing techniques onto the planet will assist humans in making their soul connection without the need for physical activation by the dolphins. In truth all cetaceans offer this kind of activation process as dolphins and whales serve in much the same way. They reach into the human soul and cause it to vibrate with a deep longing, then steward that longing so that it grows into a deep love for themselves and the planet. It is a source of great honor and joy to feel the call of the dolphins. If you feel that call let yourself be taken - you'll find your true heart.


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