Monday, February 14, 2011

Your Lightworkers Birthright


Your Lightworkers Birthright

by Mirri Rocks

Fire to Fire- Ash to Ash

What is the most important thing you would like to share? My muse asked.

I answered: Hope. That there is hope in darkness. That how useless, dark, pointless life can look, how crappy you feel, there is always a spark, a tiny spark of hope.

It can be found in dreams, in a wish, in imagination. It opens doorways for light. for a vision you can hold on to. In the darkest of the dark, you can find light. The light to something new. Something new that brings joy and refreshment. Who talks about easy and flowing. In that same darkness we can find something else: strength. The courage to pick up a rock step by step, until we gathered a lot of rocks. With those rocks we build new things. They remind us of the steps. Those we didn't want to take first because it seemed to be too cold, too harsh. But turned out to be the building stone of a new existence. Of a new world. That is why we experience darkness. To experience the almost unbearable lightness of our existence. It swirls around us like feathers. Reminding us of the wings we sometimes can't find on our human body. With our body and feet we feel the ground on which we firmly stand. We can feel the sand, that reminds us of the people who went before us and played with the rocks. Who experienced lightness, easy flowing grace. The earth carries our soul in our body. There is hope in the darkest of times, and it brings it buddy strength. There is a wish in your heart and it's ready to be manifested. Every breath brings the dream closer. Honor every breath as it's the manifestation of the eternal dream inside your hearth. It can be felt inside the spark of home. When it seem to be dark, walk further down the cave, into the dark, into the dark that seem to suck in all the light. At the lowest point of what a human soul can bare, magic happens. It creates a vortex of light which you will never ever forget. It's the thing you hold on to when you want to disappear from existence. When you found it, a voice in the sky tells you, you have found the light, now share it with others.

That is why you are called a lightworker. Because you know the dark, it was your home for ages. And the dark created the light as they are connected. That is why you can carry the torch high from now. You will walk in those places that need you the most. You feel it in your heart. It's a call stronger than anything else. It will be dark, as it's difficult to see your own light, but others will see you. Sing your own song of freedom, of the cave that was so dark that everything went black. The light turned on, step by step, rock for rock, because you dared to hope. Hope gave you strength to continue the journey.

You are a lightworker. And that is something to be so proud of. It's a title of honor and you get it by choice. You have chosen, dear soul to be a torch bearer.

In the darkest of times we come to you,

as you have called us,

and we answer the call,

just as you heard the call of your heart,

and here you are answering it.

This is the story of the dark cave, in the darkest of times and how the light came to planet earth, how it came eons ago and how it will continue to come. It's in honor of those who walked the path before us, who paved the way, when the light was still a tiny spark, smaller than a grain. It's for those who dare to take that spark and let it grow as a diamond in their hearth, who go their own way, even if it's a totally different way than is ever walked by humanity. It's for those who are here right now, walking the path of grace and harmony. Who dare to step up and claim what is their birth title: lightworker. It's for those who are yet to come, to take this to another level by the lightness of being, with humor and fun. For the new ones that will know they are the light within. Who build rainbows on what seem to be unfertile ground. Where vegetables will grow and flowers with a radiance of gold. Where golden feathers will fly in the air, as we all are a phoenix in the most beautiful colors.

We came as ash,

and as ash we will return,

to be the building stones of all that is,

of One.




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