Thursday, February 17, 2011

~Raise Those Vibrations~

~Raise Those Vibrations~

Ruth Brown

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Have you ever started your morning and the toothpaste tube is empty, you stomp your toe, the dog chewed on your favorite shoe and nothing seems to be going right? You’re so frustrated by now and it seems the wheels are set in motion and none of your day seems to go right.

That’s because you’re so focused on the bad morning you had that you’re resonating really low energy. At the moment when things seem to be going haywire, change your thoughts about the things that seem to be going on around you and realize this is just a grand illusion.

In fact, everything that’s going on is an illusion. Believe it or not, we created everything that’s going on in our lives. It was either created by individual thought or collective thought. I know this is hard to grasp initially, but it’s a fact.

You see, everything is created with thought. It starts with an idea. Before man went to the moon, it was an idea, before Orville and Wilbur flew an airplane, it was an idea. But the thought was so nurtured, it would have been impossible for it not to happen!

It’s the same way with us, when we focus and are vibrating high energy; we attract wonderful things. But when we’re vibrating low energy we’re attracting all the things we don’t want.

Stop focusing on what you don’t want! Ironically, thinking of what you don’t want makes that very thing happen. Start focusing on what you want. This will raise your vibrations making it easier for you to attract it no matter what it is.

The most important part of raising your vibrations is feeling good. You must get into the feel good mode. Feeling good definitely raises your vibrations. I understand it’s hard to do sometimes, but put on a piece of beautiful music, or go for a walk in the park, dance in the middle of the floor. Try it, and see how much better you feel. Just do something that will get you in that feel good place.

If you can accomplish feeling good as much as possible, you will know the truth. And the truth is that all those frustrating things that seem to be going on were really just an illusion.

I realized a long time ago that there are only three problems in the world... the lack of love, the lack of money and health issues.

Lots of people seem to be struggling financially. Others are dealing with anger; depression etc. which in essence is fear which can produce health issues while others are looking for the right partner or the security of having a family. It’s mainly because that’s their focus.

In three easy steps you can change your focus. It’s truly a simple process.

1. First, stop thinking about not having enough money. See yourself as already having as much as you need and be prepared to accept it when it shows up. The Universe is very resourceful. There’s enough for everyone!

2. Accept who you are. If you’re unhappy with the fact that maybe you need to lose a few pounds, start seeing yourself in your ideal weight, change your eating habits or go for walks. Being an African American woman with full lips and kinky hair I had to learn to love and accept myself. And when I started accept who I am, the Universe decided that everyone should accept me too ;-)

3. If you’re dealing with health issues, see yourself as being healthy. See yourself doing all the activities you love. I’ve seen people with diseases that medical science say can kill, but I’ve also seen people totally heal from such diseases. If you take medication, let the doctors do what they do for you. In the meanwhile you keep trying to raise your vibrations.

When you start focusing on what you want, you will see the Universe make it happen. It will send you the right people, the best business proposal, wonderful health or whatever it is you choose to focus on. It might seem hard at first, but as you focus on your wants, you will find it gets easier. At some point, it will just be the natural way you think making your experience phenomenal. The Universe will bless you tremendously.

Keep raising those vibrations


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