Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Are they YOUR rules?


Are they YOUR rules?

by Mike Hayden


Sometimes life gives you lemons. You know what they say? Then make lemonade. Of course, if you follow the rules, for that - you also need water and sugar. The hidden assumption of that famous saying is that it really is not all that bad, eh? Today I ask what is life giving you and what are you making of it. We all have certainly heard by now that this is it, that humanity is shifting and if you are not in balance, you may think it is just raining lemons. Let’s take a look at why that might seem so real…

The Sword of Ascension

Within the process of Ascension one can find the sting of the sword of destruction all too pervasive and relentlessly persistent. And yet, like a track runner tasked with doing 100 laps around the oval, you are certain you have made SO much progress and only have 10 laps to go…trouble is, you lost count of how many laps you actually have completed, and the coach is long gone…

How will you know when you have reached the end? When you can step onto the grass and enjoy a breather? And this is the crux of the matter…who is in charge now of making the call? Whose job was it to keep count?

As with many things spiritual and metaphysical, the answers are to be found only within. We are facing ever increasing levels of light waves on this planet, indeed, in this solar system. And we are being forced to breathe deeper, dig deeper, and propel ourselves along that track until we know we have reached the destination. The realization of when we have reached the goal…THAT is not, as yet, self evident. And so, run we must.

It does not seem as if this is a balanced journey since you never get to stop running, does it? Balance should seem to entail an ebb and flow, a process of starting and stopping, and yet that is not the case here. Or is it?

The Balance of Light

Least ye forget, the balance is not so immediate, the sun can be said to be balanced by all the planets and moons in this solar system…yet such a perspective can only be perceived from a great distance.

The light must take hold somewhere…in a vessel. And in the immediacy of that vessels domain, it may well seem as if it sits on the surface of the sun itself… as it absorbs and integrates all the new energy.

Yet in the grander perspective of balance, there are other vessels that remain in the shade, not absorbing the light. Or at least they think they are well shielded - only, just like the moon, visible only because it REFLECTS the light, these vessels take in, not the direct light, but the reflected light…that is, the light that YOU are reflecting.

The balance is then achieved from a wider perspective, the light is distributed. One must be the source on mother earth, and ...you are the source.

What it All Means

Look around you each day as you traverse your daily life. Everywhere you walk you will see irritable people who seem to have lost grasp of the small niceties that make up a civil society, they seem as if they are at their wits ends and can’t understand why all they keep getting are lemons… and you know how they feel, don’t you?

Knowing how they feel…THAT is your gift, your WIDER perspective. And in your knowing, you will be the one who silently reassess the situation, remembers your role and who you are. And, just a little bit, just a smidgen more than they can muster; you shine some relief on the day. Your reaction is not so irritated; you are not in drama and desperation. You shine the light you are charged with, you share it, and they receive it. Yes, you still sometimes wish they would just step out in the open and charge themselves up in the light…but you understand. Because there was a time when you too hid in the shadows. So yes, you share it.

And it feels like you must keep running around the track because you do. And in a way, you know you must. Because in the wider perspective, the light must shine. And if not you, who?


The Rules Have Changed

It is by no means easy. It seems as if you have to invent it all anew as you go along…and that is because it is true, you do. All things old and dim, all things that do not honor the light within another, within you, within them…must now disperse.

You now honor that no man is a servant to another, and so must all the systems and structures of this world that were born of the old ways. You now honor that rank and privilege are adornments of those old energies. You know that dishonorable power and self-purported illusionary status will now crumble down around those who do not grasp such a simple notion of honoring the full respect and sovereignty of another.

Each interaction, each transaction, small or large…you know wherein lies the frustration and the irritability. The light must be grasped and understood consciously for what it is. I see it myself. I know people who are close to tears each day and who are being virtually ground down to the raw bone, with all the pain and agony that brings. They refuse to honor as true equals those around them, and their lives are crumbling…crumbling at a far steeper pace and with far more force than you may think you experience trying to remember how many laps you have run. The self imposed hell they are going through is far different than how you feel running around that track. And you see it and know it too…

Which, again, is why YOU are ON that track.

Trust the God Within

You will know when the race is run. Inside you is all the knowledge and power you could ever require. It is there that you will find the comfort and the grace to continue on till the end that is a new begining. I myself now focuse strongly on connecting with my higher self. No longer relying only on my mind (with its endless “how many laps”, “am I going fast enough”, “do I need to tilt my head just so, step this way or that”) as my interface to the higher realms. I now connect using my heart and my body (kinesiology). This is far simpler once the mind can release its hold… and keeps me from getting lost so much in the mental realms (and subject to all the influences found there). For the mental is exactly the energy of the old way, and it needs to be dropped. And many of us are SO addicted to the mental. We have been ingrained, deeply scared actually, with the notion that there must be a well prepared plan and a proper execution of it.

No more strategy and orchestration. Think jazz and improvisation, where there is no band leader or conductor, but where each player steps up for a bit and shines their skills and gifts almost without any conscious planning. At the close of the curtain, they were all equals, and each contributed to the greatness of the experience for all, both audience and the other players alike.

We each have the intuition and skill, as if we are a great athlete that simply reacts to the cues and energies all around, to master our lives without any of the old rules and “proper” ways of proceeding. In any given situation, the light from within will lead, and since there is so much change and chaos all around, no two situations will ever be the same anyway…and it would not even be possible to make up a new playbook.

So shine on my friends, Moment to Moment. Heart to Heart. You now Make the Rules.

Espavo, Lak’ech, Namaste.

Be well. Be in Light Work.


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  1. how i love you saturn lady you bring me more freedom freedom and peace and comfort that what i have always believed is true, that i am my own universes and i create my own world xxx thank you thank you thank you xxxxxxxxxxxx