Wednesday, February 16, 2011




By Corinne Shields

We're born to show compassion,

it's our birthright to be kind,

And beneath each act of meanness,

scratch the surface and we'll find

There's a soul that is in trouble,

that has somehow lost its way,

And they're crying out for kindness too,

no matter what they say.

And though it can be difficult

for us to understand,

The antidote to harshness

is to give a helping hand,

For as ice can only melt

beneath the warming of the sun,

So the hardened heart's no match for

every act of kindness done.

And so though it may seem at times

the world is cold indeed,

That we're too bent on rushing past

to see a soul in need,

Yet be assured the best way we

can lighten up our load,

Is to share another's burden

as we walk along the road.


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