Monday, February 21, 2011

A Special Story


A Special Story

by Danielle Garcia

I wanted to share this special story with you that truly touched my heart.

My cousin, David, passed away about two years ago. David was an amazing man, great father and doting son. He owned a large piece of land where he rode his horses and carried on his deep friendship with his dog, Buddy. Buddy and David were inseparable, especially after David's retirement as a school principal.

Buddy somehow got loose off the property and David was heartbroken. He posted flyers everywhere and for six long weeks prayed for Buddy's safe return. Luckily, a nice family had taken Buddy in, and returned him to David safe and sound. Their relationship was so much deeper than a pet/owner. It was more of an enduring friendship, as was to be revealed on so many levels.

David suffered a heart attack while sitting at home sharing the company of his beloved friend, Buddy. When David was found a few days later, Buddy was laying across his feet, not wanting to leave his side, even in death.

Fast forward now to present day, two years after David's death. My aunt, David's mother, and my cousin, David's son, decided to visit David's grave last week and took Buddy along for the ride. Buddy had never been to the cemetery, and they wanted to treat him to a much deserved car ride.

When they arrived at the cemetery, Buddy jumped from the car and ran straight to David's grave and laid down upon it. I can't imagine baring witness to such an amazing and endearing act of love and connection. As I heard this story, and as I write this, the tears flow in realization of how strong the emotion of love really is.

Love perseveres through every trauma, every ordeal, every loss and even physical death. The connection itself never dies. Love really is eternal. How else would Buddy have been able to find his friend's grave?

This story has moved and touched me. Maybe because it involves an amazing animal connection, or perhaps because my family experienced it. More than that, I think it is the simplistic and pure example of the love and connection between two souls that has really touched my heart.


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