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The Gift of Giving


~The Gift of Giving~

How One Daily Task can Change Your Life..

by Alice Stewart

The gift of giving is one of the most powerful tools we have to bring love, joy and happiness - not only to our own lives, but to the lives of friends, family, charities and other in need.

The Gift of Giving

The idea is simple: each day do one thing for someone else. We may already occasionally donate money to charity or volunteer some of our time, but by doing one simple task a day for someone else we are making an even greater effort to benefit others and thus the rewards will be much greater and return to us tenfold.

How to Give

Try this simple task for 30 days and see how your generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness will bring joy into the world; you will also be amazed at how inspired it will may others to do the same thing. It's simple, every day when you wake up sit quietly for a few minutes and think of what your gift of the day will be. After a few days you will find yourself eagerly anticipating your daily gift and doing something for someone else. Here are some ideas for your daily gifts:

* Email/call or write a letter to a friend or family member you haven't spoken to in a while

* Take old clothes to a charity shop

* Make a charitable donation (doesn't matter how big or small)

* Give a physical gift (e.g an uplifting book)

* Volunteer some of your time

* Bake a cake, cook dinner or even make a cup of tea for someone

* Tell a friend, partner or family member just how much you love them

The list goes on, and as you continue on this 30 day challenge you will find situations arising where you have the opportunity to help others. After a month read back all the daily gifts you have given to others and the world and you will be filled with joy about what your daily gifts have done.

Start Today!

There is no better time to start the practice of gift giving than today. It doesn't matter what circumstances you live in, there is always time and love that you can give to others, it doesn't matter how small the daily gift you start with - it's the thought that counts. You will find over time your inspired actions will lead to bigger things that bring increasing joy into the world.

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A great story about someone who practiced the art of gift giving was about a woman named Cynthia Stafford. Unfortunate circumstances led her to look after her brother's children and give up her day job. Despite having relatively no money, she still continued to give her time to the charities that were close to her heart.

She was once quoted as saying "you can always give of yourself, your time, your services, your energy, and your talents. Whatever you have that you have been blessed with, use it to be a blessing to someone else. Don’t hold back because it will return to you. As you give so shall you receive … tenfold.”

And what happened to Cynthia Stafford? She won the Mega Millions! You can read about her incredible story below...

The Cynthia Stafford Story:

How one Woman Manifested $112 Million

by Alice Stewart


Cynthia Stafford has been through a lot in her lifetime. In 1999 she became an instant mother to five of her nieces and nephews, after her brother was tragically killed in a car accident. Despite having to leave her position as a consultant to become a full-time mom, Cynthia still helped out a number of charities that were close to her heart.

Creative Visualization

Cynthia believed in creative visualization. She practiced the teachings of several books that were based around the law of attraction and positive thinking. One of her favorites was, "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind", by Dr. Joseph Murphy.

In this book Murphy explains the untapped power each of us have in our subconscious minds, and if we can learn how to access this power, we could have whatever we wish for. In Cynthia's case what she wished for was money - $112 million of it to be exact.

She followed all of the practices in this book, and wrote a note with the amount of money she would like, and kept it under her pillow. Every night before she went to bed she would envision having that amount of money, what it would feel like and what causes she would spend it on. Every morning when she woke up she felt as if she had already won the lottery, and went about her day in this magical millionaire mind-set. She even went as far as looking at multi-million dollar mansions, even though there was no way she could afford them at that time. She did this for four months solid.

Winning the Mega Millions

In May 2007 an event occurred that was about to change her life forever. She purchased a $2 lottery ticket for the California Mega Millions, and won the jackpot, but not just any amount - she won exactly $112 million! Her family were shocked, but Cynthia was not surprised as she truly expected to receive that money, just like she had spent all those months visualizing it.

Cynthia Stafford Charities

Cynthia stuck to her word after winning the lottery. She donated a huge $1 million to the Geffen Playhouse, to fund a brand new arts center for kids. She also donated some lottery winnings to UNICEF, Kids in the Spotlight and the Natural Defence Council. Cynthia has now formed a production company, called Queen Nefertari Productions, and is working on her producing her first feature film.

Whether you believe in the power of your subconscious mind, or you just think she was extremely lucky, one thing is for sure - be careful what you wish for!


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