Thursday, November 19, 2009

You are the Rainmaker

You are the Rainmaker

Today is a day of giving, a day to let your heart open and flow outward, giving love to all you encounter. Today is a day to make a gift of your smile, gracing each person you meet with the warmth that is within you. Today is a day for laughter, to let your laughter ring out across the circumstances of your day, no matter what they are.

Today is a day for warmth, to go deep inside and find the love that is hidden in the corners and pull it out. Today is a day to let that warmth and that love triumph over the little irritations and worries that often plague your mind.

Focus on your heart and feel the love. Then bring the love upward and let it fill and clear your mind. Then let love drive your decisions, your words, your actions and shine in your eyes. Whenever anger, frustration or irritation want to rise up and be expressed, show the love in your heart instead.

Today is a day that will never come again. Never again will you be exactly you, just like this. Never again, will the sky be just this color and the clouds just this shape. Never again will people around you have the same thoughts and feelings as they do today. And so, today is unique in all of history, in all of life. And you have the power to make it warmer and more loving.

The angels stand by to help you today as you give. They are there with their caring presence. And for every kindness you share, for every smile and every peal of laughter that you give as a gift today, they will increase it tenfold, blessing all who cross your path with unending love.

You are the rainmaker and the clouds are full of love.

By Carrie Hart


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