Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Here is Grace

Here is Grace

by Angel Bianca Agnello

Here is grace. Grace freely raining down from Love, the Eternal Life Source. Grace is the juice, the bottom line, the all time and eternal foundational essence from the unsurpassable power of Love.

Grace is unmerited favor, undeserved, life-giving energy, which compassionately bestows the light of complete and utter forgiveness.

Grace is a gift, without strings.

Grace offers a replacement option for all darkness ( ignorance
of truth, self-rejection, hatred, lies about reality, blame, shame, guilt and self condemnation) which has perverted loving the self.

Grace restores the consciousness from the depth of isolated self-realization individuation, and welcomes the soul into the open- hearted, divine, unifying Oneness

Grace is the transformative power of Unconditional Love.

There is no action so reprehensible that Forgiving Grace cannot, somehow, reach the sorrowful. Grace possesses the divine consciousness which can only be seen from and received by the position of a humble-heart.

Grace is humanity’s passport to true joy.

Why would we live without Grace? Grace for me and Grace to pass on to others?

Because we are tricked into competition. We obviously, sub-consciously, haven’t wanted equal-ness and “All Good” for the self and everyone else. We have been climbing the ladders that don’t really matter, and have lost our connection to the love of perfection….holding hands, standing side by side is the missing sense of fellowship.

Perhaps we may feel too guilty to receive it and then feel an injustice about others who receive what we do not have. That guilt is either inherited from our ancestors through DNA of the emotional and physical bodies; or the registered accounts of our violations of others in our species.

What we can do about this inherited or acquired guilt account, is offer it up to grace. We can choose to be funnels for grace. As we behold someone else, who is mirroring our feeling of injustice, hate or jealousy and we may invite Unconditional Love to flow forgiving grace through our center, the grace energy washes my own heart clean and releases the blocks of force fields, which sabotage or limit the manifestation of desires for good things in the physical dimension.

It is the will of the Life-Source, that we all become released from the tricky lies that rob our joy, well being and perfect health. We have the capacity to live forever, it is our guilt and unforgiveness which age us and finally shake us down to the death vibration.

Come into my heart, unconditional love and your sweet, comforting grace, renew me, transform me, and let me connect with the Life/Love- Source deep within me, by Grace.


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