Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Miraculous You

The Miraculous You

By Michelle Morovaty

The Miraculous you. Who is it? It is you, here and there and everywhere, in the Now, in the future. Whatever the future holds for you, you are the Miraculous you.

You in the Now creating the Miracles in your life step by step, moment by moment. As you attune yourself to the omnipresence of your True Self, All things are possible. You as the fortunate self-realized presence of the flowers of the earth, flowing and blooming every moment in thought and in action. How marvelous it is to know that your capacity for life is so enriched with the all knowing inside and out.

You and I and all are the Miracles of life. The Miracles of life, being our ever present smiles and laughters, shine through our hearts as we wake up to the truth. As we awake to the truth we are releasing and being relieved of the unwanted memories and experiences of the past.

You are the Miraculous you. With each and every breath you are a Miracle. With each move you are a Miracle. With each thought you are a Miracle. With each creation you are a Miracle. With each unwinding action to greater awareness you are a Miracle. With each eye in sight you are a Miracle. With each ear open you are a Miracle. With each taste of life you are a Miracle. With each sharing you are a Miracle. You are in fact eternally unforgettably a Miracle.

Just by your presence head to toe you are a Miracle.

The Miraculous you. So complicated yet so gentle. So focused yet so flexible. So enthusiastic and so calm. So courageous and brave. So inviting as the waters ever flowing from the falls of the mountain tops onto the earth washing away all darkness within and without.

You are pure magnificence in its own right. Claim the truth in your own consciousness, Now. Claim your birth right and open up the channels to your goodness, Right Now. You are the presence of all Grace in this form. Allow your freedom within to be for the advantage of all whom are craving release from the bondage within. You and I and all are all one.

Pure genius as the Miracles of life. This is Not the ego mind speaking. It is the truth of the truth of all that is in total favor of you and your healing and awakening process from the forgotten to the enlightenment Right Here, Right Now. Loving every aspect of your being as you are truly Miraculous in every way.

As the sun shines so do you. As the seasons change so do you. As your breath rises and falls so do you. As your consciousness expands so do you. As people come and go in your life so do you. As you claim the truth of your Miraculous Self so do you experience fulfillment within and without.

"Your law of creation is what you say it to be".

Create the life that is most desirable and joyful for you and go ahead and share this life with all. And include me in it. It is my pleasure to be included in your grand life of all possibilities for we are all one.

I love you and appreciate you in consciousness, you Miraculous ones.

And so it is.


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