Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Planetary Guardians


by Julie Redstone

The work of the Ascended Masters in their guardianship of the earth is one of long duration, spanning the vast reaches of time as we know it and watching over the evolution and growth of individuals, groups, and the planet itself as each soul evolves and changes from lifetime to lifetime. This work of love is based on a concern for humanity's future and for the future of all inhabited planets in which the circumstance of the experience of duality and the intrusion of forces of darkness play a role in planetary development.

With this in mind, planetary guardians have watched over individual lives and the life of the planet throughout time, helping to balance impulses and actions that affect large masses of people so that the prevailing vibration of light could be maintained at any particular time in history, and so that the pattern for further development would continue to be followed. This is not to say that dark energies could be entirely prevented from interfering in the earth's course of development, for they could not. Yet, if those of the spiritual realms were not overseeing the course of development, many more departures from truth and light would have happened than have actually been visible in human history, and many more citizens of the planet would have suffered.

Knowledge of the guardianship of the earth is helpful in several ways: First and foremost, it brings to awareness the understanding that mankind is not, and has never been, alone in the spiritual universe – that there are, and always have been, beings and forces involved in monitoring and aiding human history so that mankind's highest potential and Divinely ordained destiny could be achieved.

Secondly, knowing of the work of the hierarchy of light can assist those who believe that humanity has 'fallen' from grace into a new understanding that the consciousness which created separation for humanity is not a 'sin' in any usual sense that we use that term; rather, that the children of the One God are eminently worthy of returning to more complete awareness of their intrinsic and eternal participation in the One - the Creator of all whom they have never really left.

Third, the awareness of planetary guardianship, and hierarchy in particular, can help defuse some of the ancient and modern debates about spiritual equality and preference – debates even older than the biblical story of Cain and Abel – so that mankind may know and discover that though all are equal in the eyes of God when looked at from the standpoint of love and from the standpoint of essence, nevertheless, there are those who have advanced further along the trajectory of human and cosmic development who have, as a result, taken on greater responsibility for being of assistance to the rest of life. This hierarchical structure of learning and development is not a closed path but an open one – a path to which all souls are invited at all stages of their experience and development.

The infusion of light by the planetary hierarchy into the auric field of the earth and into the energy bodies of individuals, groups, and nations continues unabated, no matter what political dramas are being played out upon the planet, and no matter who is in charge of a nation or group of nations. This infusion of light which helps to balance the collective aura of humanity and of the earth's energy body, continues, always, for the benefit of all. Nevertheless, there are special times and circumstances in which more aid is needed from the Realms of Light - times in which darkness threatens with greater intensity or in which human mis-creation has taken a large portion of humanity down a dangerous path. At such times the Realms of Light will seek willing helpers among those embodied on the earth so that the forces of light can remain in the ascendance, or, if that position is temporarily disturbed, to return such balance to the equation.

We are in such a time now – one in which all energies, beings, and helpers, both embodied and dis-embodied, are being asked for their commitment to serve the purposes of light and God and to assist in holding the planetary balance of light in the presence of dark energies that are seeking to disrupt this balance. The present moment is a critical time for the earth, and all within the spiritual realms are doing their utmost to assure that the outcome of this transitional time emerges along the lines which have been laid out in accordance with Divine intention related to the future of the planet.

May all beings come to recognize God's great love for the earth which manifests in the help given to uphold the planet and all of her inhabitants, and may the spiritual hierarchies be joined ever more closely with the hearts and minds of men so that one in spirit and one in intention, the work of bringing God's Divine plan to the earth for the benefit of all beings can be smoothly accomplished.


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