Wednesday, November 11, 2009



By Chelle Thompson

UNIVERSAL LOVE is both conscious and loving at the same time. When you experience universal love you understand the action of love. A loving action is a gentle action when gentleness is needed, a firm action when firmness is needed, a compassionate action when compassion is needed, yielding when yielding is needed. Whatever is needed is present — and in the correct balance — depending on the situation. Universal love is an expression of the harmony of the totality. Everything is in harmony with everything else. Nothing is excluded. Your will is in harmony with your compassion. Your compassion is in harmony with your joy. Your joy is in harmony with your anger. Your anger is in harmony with your body. Your body is in harmony with your ego. Your ego is in harmony with other people. There is no conflict anywhere. Everything fits and functions as a togetherness, as a oneness. That oneness is you."
~A.H. Almaas


Above this state of beingness .

Beyond the dreams foretold,

Lie the meaning of my visit .

The purpose of my soul.

Is this a solo journey .

A quest for me alone,

Or shall a partnership Divine .

Pave my pathway Home?

The way is not yet crystallized .

The form not yet unveiled,

But it is sure that Love is meant .

To launch this ship I sail.

Love in the past was fleeting .

Each echo there to teach,


That I came here to reach.

Since I have now veered Homeward .

With steps more swift and clear,

Love's pure song through Spirit .

My heart can long last hear.


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