Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Eternal You

The Eternal You

By Michelle Morovaty

The The Eternal you is so Wise, is so Kind and so Precious. The time has come to be One with your Eternal Self and to stop beating yourself up for the things that you have Not accomplished and direct your Energy to what you have accomplished.

From this space and place of Openness to Self-realize the truth of who you are, you awaken to all the wonderful times that you were yourself. Truly yourself and One with yourself.

You were Confident, you knew what you want to accomplish and you went ahead and did it. There comes a time in one's life when one is confronted with the reality of what is. What is Is the reality that you make it to be. The reality is that you can truly accomplish your heart's desire with your Dedication, Commitment and Perseverance.

What stops one at some point in life is the notion that one is Not good enough or one can't do it or one is Not lovable. And who is it that is making up these stories anyways? Is it me, or is it your neighbor, or is in your mind? This mind of vast creation ready and willing to Create from the New says:

I am your mind and you are one with me. Know me as one and the separation created from the illusion created by your thoughts and emotions will dissipate. As you know me as one you recognize the God given power within you to create Goodness and Success in your life and expand the Goodness and Success onto others. When you separate me with you then you no longer are One with your creation. You Will your creation and you create. As One we create moment by moment by our own willingness to be attuned to the Oneness. This is easy to get if you wish to get it. As long as there is a need to be right and in control then the Oneness is only a separation and Not a Oneness within the mind.

So your eternal you is that part of you that is willing, able and does create within you all that you wish to accomplish and you have in the past. Now we are here in the Now. In the Now is the perfect opportunity to create from the New all that you have been withholding and have resigned to.

Let the fear, worry and doubt drop and allow your Eternal Self to rise. The choice is within your mind as you. Be one and gain true clarity within the structure and freedom of life. This life is yours. YES this life is yours. It is your Gift.

I invite us all to embrace today as a Gift from the Source. God is ever present in our Hearts as we open up to the Gift of Life. In the Now this Gift is who you are and all that you have been resisting and resenting.



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