Monday, November 9, 2009

Enlighten my Path

Enlighten my Path

by Len Wright

How refreshing it is when you are in the dark and without power, to have a candle ready to light your path. One little light can bring so much comfort.

This is how I feel about learning the universal laws that, like that candle, provide a lighted path of purpose, love and well being ahead of me. Maybe this is why the sages refer to it as enlightenment?

We have all been in internal emotional power outages where we may have felt like we are in a darkened state. This occurs when our physical point of focus is giving more power to our negative thoughts and thus our attraction is in resistance to our allowing that personal well being energy flow through us. These highly promoted negative thoughts are all around us, beckoning for our focus at all times whether through media, our social circle or a vast array of other common avenues.

I know because I have been there, we all have. I am pleased to have been there because I now realize the contrast of what I want, of what I now know of how this realm works. I know well being and peace because I have experienced the contrast of these states. Our reality is to be molded by our own will and this is an incredible enlightenment for me and I know many others as well. Focus on what we want rather than what we don't want offers us a much more pleasant experience.

Now realizing that we, as the old saying goes, sleep in the beds of our own making, gives comfort in that my reality can be shaped and formed and give way to melding with my dreams whenever I choose to focus my will -thoughts in the direction of where I want to go. Of what would that be worth?

Think about it; if someone was to say that whatever you want in your life will appear like magic, poof, you would have people knocking down doors for this magical potion ...when all along we all mix this magical elixir within ourselves moment by moment by utilizing our power of focused thought.

You are your own cauldron! You create your own magical mix that can weave for you a stream of pleasurable life moments. Ah, but there is a catch. It takes you following that universal set of laws in achieving that proper mix.

It is easy to do but you can just as easily choose not to do. It is always your choice. It takes being careful of what we fill our minds with and becoming the master of our own thoughts, controlling our thoughts, words and actions sets us on a path for living lives of ecstasy, not falling inline with social realms of shared realities but instead creating our own reality to revel in.

History is filled with stories of successful people that have chartered their own course and the open seas are awaiting your vessel to sail as well. Read, no devour the methods of harnessing this power and gain a true understanding of who you really are...not who others have sold you into believing you are. You are capable of anything you desire because your desire is of a personal nature. Your desire is an inkling like an internal treasure map that is showing you what is purposeful for you.

I have always loved the way Wayne Dyer says it:

'Don't die with your music still in you."

If you are not soaring within your own created realm of pleasurable reality then figure out how you are resisting the natural inclination to follow your dreams.

We all started out with that desire and unfortunately for some, they have tucked these intuitive nudgings deep inside of themselves and have traded their sanity for a socially acceptable model of internal slavery.

This is madness; allow your own purpose to unfold!

Your emotions are your personal navigation system.

If you are not passionate and happy you are not being true to yourself in some way or area of your life. Be kind and allow yourself to listen and follow that internal guidance system - set yourself free! Allow for that candle to light your way and provide you with internal peace.

Learn the 'other' laws that govern our universe just as you already know of gravity as a universal law...

There are others that are the key to unlocking your true potential. BE who you really are and you will begin a ride like never before. This is a ride of your life that will rock every cell in your physical body with endorphins of passion, ecstasy and joy!

Hang on...are you ready? Here we go!


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