Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Power Of The Unforgettable

The Power Of The Unforgettable

By Michelle Morovaty
spiritualityinsideandout. com

The Unforgettable you. How Precious you are.

How Desirable you are.

How Generous you are.

The Unforgettable you is the presence

of your Eternal Soul.

The Unforgettable you, so Wise as to

the Genuine Genius in you,

for the waters of Clarity

within you is the Unforgettable you,

to be destined in your own

thoughts that you perceive yourself to be. Right Now.

The Unforgettable you is ready and willing to go

beyond the depths of the

unknown to realize in the Now, for in the Now

is who and what you truly are.

In this moment is the Unforgettable

you in its highest position to

Create the New.

The Unforgettable you looking in the mirror of

life to position itself

as one with all that is. To be aware of the Power Within

moment by moment as the sun rises and as the

breath of life falls.

To live in the Now and to forsake the past.

Letting Go and letting Be.

To be sure of the Unforgettable you is to

be sure of the True Self within you.

The Unforgettable you is so Lovely and so Brave.

The Unforgettable you is so Bright and so Luminous.

How can I forget you? How can anyone forget you?

For your Beauty within and without

is truly Unforgettable.

Let us all Forgive all the unfinished

tasks in our lives.

Let us all complete within and without.

To live in the Power of this moment is to be Free

of all unfinished and incomplete memories.

Let us all choose to complete and fill in the holes

within our Hearts and Cells by Forgiving

ourselves and others, to fill in the holes within

with the everlasting Divine Love

and Understanding ever present within every

fiber of our being.

You are so Unforgettable as you are Life itself.

You are so Unforgettable as you are Love itself.

You are so Unforgettable for you

are the Light of the Universe.

You and I and all shall rise above all limitations

and move forward into the New realm of all

opportunities and possibilities of life

for we are truly the Unforgettable Source

of Love and Light.


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