Thursday, November 19, 2009

Interpreting the Veil

Interpreting the Veil

By Debbie Edwards

So what is the veil? Many people describe it as seeing a whitish film that separates us from the spirit world. In a way, yes, that is true. But to dissect it further, the veil, energetically speaking, is actually a gap, a space in between the physical and non physical frequencies of vibration. Pure spirit operates at a much higher vibration than spirit energy that is still living within the physical earthly realm. People on earth, including disembodied earthbound energies, operate slightly slower, at a lower frequency of vibration than the energies of those who have made the full transition to the other side, including our spirit guides and angels.

During the process of mediumship, we in a way are operating within the veil itself, creating a bridge that closes the gap between the lower and higher frequencies of vibration, created a channel for this electromagnetic
energy to be exchanged between the physical and non physical, resulting in forms of spirit communication.

Mediums raise their frequency of electromagnetic
energy, spirit lowers theirs, and they meet in the middle. The closer we come to operating and moving at the same frequency, the thinner the veil becomes because the more visible we are to one another. That is why many mediums can only hold the connection to spirit for so long, because they have to shift their frequency in order to connect and over time, that extended effort can cause fatigue which is often experienced for a short term period of time in which no long term side effects of fatigue are experienced. Yet with a disciplined routine of continual meditation and an effort made of intentional reaching to connect with higher vibrations of energy in the spirit plane, the longer we can hold that connection. This activity over a long period of time changes the electromagnetic frequency of the physical body as well as the emotional and mental self. The physical body begins to experience sensitivities to stimulation such as texture, touch, taste, sound, light, vibration and more. The radius of their aura or field of energy grows.

Think of blades of a fan. When the fan is off, each blade is visible. But turn the fan on, and the blades begin to blur. The faster the speed of the fan, the more the blades blur to where sometimes they give the illusion that no blades exist at all. That is because they are moving at a speed high enough to create a gap in which one appears to disappear or to not exist at all. The same concept and illusion can be illustrated with spirits. They are moving at a much higher speed, often creating a big enough gap in movement in which their speed brings them to a vibration too fast to view. They are there, but not able to be viewed because we are not moving fast enough to catch their image in our minds frame. Like a camera that can adjust shutter speeds, our mind can be trained to hold a higher frequency of vibration in which images and pictures of spirit can be viewed and sometimes recorded within the mind.

The veil in essence, is that gap in between, the place in which the frequencies of movement are too far apart for an exchange to occur whether that be visual, mental, emotional, audible or physical. So, the more we attune ourselves to a higher vibration, the closer we become to spirit energy, resulting in a thinning of the illusion of disconnection.

The same can be applied to relationships with people. The closer we attach ourselves emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically with someone else, the closer our frequencies of vibration come together, resulting in a stronger stream of telekinetic energy exchanges which include telepathy, and shared emotions, regardless if they are together physically at the same time or not. Many people believe that a physical distance is a form of disconnection but rather, it is an illusion of separateness, similar to the veil. We all have the opportunity to close the gap and build bridges within each veil we have between us.

Same goes for earthbound energies. Disembodied spirits also experience the illusion of the veil. The lower the energies of vibration they attach to, the less they experience the higher vibrations of the other side which in turn, can cause a bit of a vacuum. It is self created usually, sometimes not, but the stronger the attachment to the physical plane or lower emotional energies, the closer to the earth plane they dwell. Many earthbound energies are very aware they have passed on and are even more aware of what they need to do to cross over. But it is out of choice they remain behind. Although sometimes there are circumstances in which other forces of lower vibrational energies, greater than their own, that can create or simulate a gravity that keeps them pulled or tied to that particular isolated area. Which an example of this would be places that have a very high activity level of spirit energy. That circle of energy can be greater than the energy of an individual spirit, creating a situation in which the spirit is kept there against their will. In short, it would take a greater force than what they can personally create, that would enable them to rise to higher frequency that would free them of this particular vacuum of lower energy.

There are many forms of the veil, both in the physical realm and the spirit but it's essential to recognize the exchange and interaction that continually takes place between the physical and non physical planes.

To close the gap and build the bridge that offers an opportunity to connect with higher vibrational energies such as spirit guides or angels, a regular routine of meditation and prayer is essential; visualizing white light or electricity igniting the senses. As this is visualized in a high rate of speed, over a period of time, this manifests in raising the electromagnetic
frequency of the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. Whether connecting with someone here or in the realms of spirit, raising the electromagnetic frequency of ones self is what creates a stronger bond and connection to those we're wishing to connect with. Every thought is a thing. Every emotion is a thing too and although our expressions of such vary, they are equal energetically.

Raising our vibration closes the gap in between. The veil disappears and the mysteries we are looking to solve suddenly become accessible.

Diligence, discipline, and determination can yield amazing results!


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