Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tips on Dealing with Negative People


Tips on Dealing with Negative People

by Darcey Lee

Unfortunately along the path of life we cross negative people at one point or another. This is never something to look forward to, and sometimes is hard to avoid.

If you find yourself in the company of someone that is negative, there are a few tips on dealing with negative people that you can put into action.

If you do not have to be around the person for any particular reason, leave. If you are able to come up with an excuse of why you cannot stay, this is the best thing to do. Avoid being around the negativity. By eliminating the situation you do not have to feel the magnet effect of their negativity stick to you.

If you have to be around the person and there is no way to excuse yourself from the situation, try focusing on something that is more positive. Yes it is hard to have to listen to what they say without their dark and down character rubbing on to your good mood, but it is possible. You can exist in their presence but only take in half of what they are saying. Let your mind focus on something else that is more enjoyable.

Do not take anything personal. Negativity can boomerang from one person to another, but only if you let it. If someone is throwing negative comments towards you, do not let it affect you or the person you are. Feeding into another persons' negativity only brings you down to their level of thinking. If this is not the way you naturally are, you will not feel good. Most of the time this is what negative people want. They want you to share their bad feelings, bad outlooks and they do not seem to quit until you are brought down to their level. Do not bother going there.

Do not bother getting into a confrontation with a negative person. They are already miserable, so why let it upset you to the point where you get into a confrontation? This will only in return, make you feel as miserable as they do. Let it go. No matter what the negative situation is, do not absorb it.

Always stay positive. When you have to deal with a negative person, keep your mind focused on the positive person you are. With whatever doom and gloom they have to say, just respond with a simple, I am sorry you feel that way. The negative person often does not like a positive response. Usually the conversation ends soon enough.

Being around negative people can really bring you down. Change the good feelings you may have and if you stay around them long enough, you will start thinking the same down way. There is no need for this. Life is too short to think and be negative. Nothing positive comes in return.

The less negativity the better! If you find you are surrounded by people who are negative, it is time to change your friends, acquaintances and in some cases avoid family members. Negative people come in all forms imaginable. Being involved with them will only bring you down.

Stay positive, stay happy and stay focused! By keeping positive company you remain positive! When you remain positive, the sky is the limit!


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