Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Natural Stress Therapy with Water Fountains


Natural Stress Therapy made possible with Water Fountains

by Amber Liddell

As a part of evolution Man has been on a constant upward slide of developing and exploiting technology in all forms possible and in the race for success he seldom gets time for himself. Human body is constantly under stress both external and internal owing to the machine-like life that we lead. However, this cannot pertain for long since there is a certain saturation point where a human body gives up and becomes victim of stress and strain. Of course there are a plenty of medications available on the market to get you through your daily headaches and body aches but all these don't really soothe your soul. If there is one type of relaxation that can be attained that truly calms your soul, it is through getting in touch with the serenity of nature.

It is practically impossible to take a vacation or boat ride or a bike hike in the hills or sit by the lakeside after a long day of our routine and busy lives. So the only alternative' bring nature to you. And what more can be as apt as owning a water fountain in the comfort of your own home? There would hardly be anyone in the world who hasn't been wooed by the rustling sounds of the descending water and the breathtaking sight of diamond-like droplets of water being prey to gravity in the most bewitching manner from nature-
bestowed waterfalls.

Water fountains could either be of the outdoor type or the indoor type. Both these types have equally positive energy releasing capacities for the well being of the house and its residents. Water fountains are known to release negative ions which have proven to have purifying effects. It not only purifies the air in the surrounding but also effectively removes any unwanted elements embedded in air thus making it a dust-free and non-polluted environment. All these factors help in great deal in reducing stress and providing ultimate relaxation effects.

The cool breeze that enchantingly passes through this water body and touches our skin brings about the most heavenly feeling of bliss and freshness. The sound of the water gurgling in the fountain is soothing to the ears and has a direct connection to our souls. It brings us closer to nature. Water brings in the element of good fortune and prosperity. You have a range of Feng Shui fountains to choose from that are based on this ancient Chinese art of energy balancing by appropriate designing and placement of articles around the house. These fountains may also be incorporated with other elements like metal which ensures you get positive energies from these elements, viz. water and metal. Thus, if do not wish to spend every evening in a spa to get rid of your stress, take a wise decision and bring home these scintillating stress relievers and gift yourself the hindmost natural stress buster product, a water fountain.



  1. Relaxation is highly needed in reaching brainwave Theta. Healing modalities like Thetahealing require deep concentration, and inner peace. Once the Theta state is reached, healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual can commence. Great idea on the use of running water.