Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fear of Change


Fear of Change

Breaking Free of the Fear of Change

by Christine Hoeflich

The fear of change has been a recurring theme around me the last few weeks. The combination of the current breakdown of social and economic systems and the emergence of a new paradigm connected with 2012 adds to the already high fear level on this planet. This article's purpose is to help reduce some of the fears associated with change, regardless of whether you are making small changes, or are confronted with larger personal crises or planetary transformation, or both.

The following is one example of the fear of change preventing a desired outcome: A friend of mine is an alternative health practitioner who helps people heal themselves by getting to the root cause of health issues (usually an emotional or "vibrational" blockage, she says.) She has recently complained to me that people want to be healed but they do not or will not make the changes that can help them heal. "It can be so frustrating when someone won't shift, but keeps asking for help, and yet doesn't want to hear that it is their choice," she said. Are people stopped from taking helpful actions simply because of the fear of change? I am reminded of the example of my own mother, who wants to enjoy better health but has a hard time making lasting lifestyle changes.

The fear of change also comes up when you try to break free of destructive emotional patterns or when you try to reconnect to your higher self for guidance and positive change. An irrational fear usually comes up that prevents you from moving forward in your life.

Recently, I heard a channeling of St. Germain (channeled by medium Geoffrey Hoppe) where he admitted that the process of transformation is challenging. (Particularly now, as we are nearing the end of a cycle and a lot is happening.) Those who attempt to make changes come to a point where they need to make a leap to advance (mental, emotional, to "trust in what they cannot see yet" etc.), but rather than leaping they question themselves and revert back to their old reality, he said. This can happen whether you are trying to shift your consciousness or simply make changes in your diet.

I found that one of the particularly strong fears (perhaps it is the main fear?) that comes up in the transformation process is the fear of losing your identity, of becoming someone you really don't want to be. Sometimes people are not ready to make the shift, to make changes, to trust that higher aspect of themselves because of an irrational fear of losing themselves somehow. We want positive shifts to happen for ourselves and for the world but we don't want to lose who it is we are in the process. This fear can easily block any kind of forward change.

I understand this fear intimately because I experienced it in my own transformation process several years ago. When I was in my process of reconnecting with my higher self for guidance as to what to do in my life, I feared that I would lose myself, that I would become different somehow, that I would become unrecognizable to myself even, that what was required of me was a surrendering of myself to some amorphous state of being resulting in a loss of my identity. I mean that I was terrified of my basic likes and dislikes changing on me, of no longer loving the people I loved in the same way, of losing my free will, of not knowing who I was. What a mind trip it was!

I worked through this fear by convincing myself that my fear was ungrounded, irrational. I pledged to trust in what I could not see yet, I followed my inner guidance, and it didn't take long to see some results that encouraged me to keep going forward.

Years later, I can say with certainty that you do not lose yourself in the process. You do not turn into a person you're not; on the contrary it adds to you, it enhances you. You also gain a higher-level understanding that helps release destructive patterns and habits. A higher-level understanding of life makes all this possible, and more.

St. Germain said that in the process of going within, you gain yourself back. "Go within yourself to discover yourself, get yourself back!" he said. (You will be connecting with that innate power that will support you in your transformation.)

So if the fear of change (whether it's personal change, or change associated with 2012) stops you, do what it takes to convince yourself to take that step forward. Remember that the fear of losing yourself in the transformation process is really a paper tiger.


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