Tuesday, August 17, 2010




by Rona Marx

There are moments when I tend to forget that Angels are real.

I get so caught up in everyday life – my work, my daughter, cooking dinner, my friends, cleaning the house and a myriad of other pastimes requiring my focus – that I do not always consciously acknowledge the blessings offered by these Beings of Light.

Once in a while, however, the Universe has a way of reminding me. Sometimes gently like the softest stroke of a feather on my cheek. At other times, I am admonished in a much firmer fashion, but always with love.

It was early in the morning last week, driving my daughter to school, that it happened:

I drive a 1970 VW Beetle, much to the amazement and delight of some of my fellow motorists. I love the old Dame – for her unrelenting service to many generations of drivers, but mostly because she gets me to where I need to be.

On this particular morning I was driving merrily along, already mentally constructing a list of doings for the day, when Madame Vintage impetuously lost her oomph. I pulled over as best I could – still somewhat in a daze of mind chatter and mildly surprised at her insolence.

My little daughter immediately saw the advantages of this miniature adventure causing her to be late for school, but for me it meant potentially missing writing deadlines and sitting up very late into the night working on various projects. It also meant the most likely tedium of being towed away and spending a few boring hours at a workshop in the drolls of industria.

I sat behind the wheel and calmed my thoughts as best as I could while the morning traffic swerved around the three of us. Silently I thought: “OK Angels, I don’t know what to do. I need help over here.”

I phoned my kindly neighbor for assistance and then proceeded to sing a silly song along with my 7-year-old while we waited for his arrival.

Within five minutes two cars stopped. A Chubb security guard emerged from one of the vehicles, and a benevolent motorist from the other. Within the blink of an eye they heaved the old Madame out of the road. The security guard went on his merry way once he had established that we were in good hands which, it turns out, we were indeed.

Miraculously, the gentle Samaritan in the shape of a mere motorist happens to be a Beetle enthusiast. He proudly possesses a Dame of his own, and moreover, his occasional hobby is to take her engine apart and deftly putting it all back together again.

Before my neighbor had even arrived at the scene of our adventure, the kindly Samaritan had already repaired the wickedly delinquent electrical cable responsible for this early morning mischief.

Miracles often look so mundane that we fail to notice their significance.

I did manage to meet all my deadlines that day. I even managed to get to bed at a reasonable hour. And yes, I did remember to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Angels, keepers of the equilibrium of the Universe.

Relating this incident just reminds me again how guided we are. Angels, incidents and circumstances will always turn up when and how we need them. Admittedly, these do not always look pretty or friendly, but they are in the shape and form needed without fail.

With our limited perceptions of the bigger picture, we often do not understand the whys and the hows of life. Ultimately, however, All is always Well. Things are always exactly as they need to be.

Sometimes Angels turn up looking like adversity. Sometimes they protect us even from ourselves and, when we don’t get what we want, it usually turns out to be a blessing.

They always walk in Light though, and they always serve us in love and kindness.

We always get what we need. It is our perceptions that determine how we experience Life.


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