Saturday, August 7, 2010

Balancing the Energies in Our Life


Balancing the Energies in Our Life

by Zelsa

Balancing your personal energy is daily, hourly and even every second endeavor. The ability to focus on your personal energy and balance and maintain it is crucial to keeping yourself focused and calm. Balance is not easy to attain, but it does not have to require a week spent in the woods alone or the removal of oneself from the world in order to "reassess" and "re-balance".

The process of balancing personal energy comes from a inner practice of finding ones' center and finding those things that help maintain that center and promote feeling of balance and overall well-being. No two people will have the same centering practice nor will two people be able to balance their energies in the same manner. The art of balancing personal energy is one that takes time and reflection, to figure out how your energy balances and finds its center.

This has long been a struggle for me, as I have always thought that copious periods of time alone (similar to the hiding out in the woods for a week) was the only way to center myself and find my balance. However, as I grow older and develop a better understanding of myself, I am able to find that many activities, including those with certain people, are able to center me and balance my energies quite effectively. Whereas once upon a time I was only able to calm and center with meditation in a quiet, empty house, I am now able to see when a visit with a close friend is very centering and actually more productive in balancing my psychic energy than a period of being alone.

I continue to believe one of the best and most immediate forms of energy balancing is meditation, it is not the only form of balancing that has value. For some it may even be counter-
balancing when they really need to be in contact with another human being who can re-energize their energy stores. Our brains and bodies are like batteries, and they all need to be re-calibrated and recharged every once in awhile. The busier life becomes, the more we are unable to disengage from the world around us, the harder it becomes to re-energize ourselves. We must however make that effort, for it is the only way to stay focused, centered and contribute to the world we live in effectively.


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