Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Getting Over Hard Times


Getting Over Hard Times

by Donna Devane

Stop for just a moment and ask yourself where all your problems are. What's the source of your challenges, things that are wrong in your life?

Did a series of thoughts just dance through your head?

By asking yourself the question you also gave yourself the answer. Whatever you are experiencing is all in your head.

I'm not saying the circumstance isn't happening or that the situation isn't there, I am saying that the "reality" of it, how you define it and choose to interact with it is your thoughts.

Nothing has any meaning at all until you choose to give it meaning. Things are neither good, bad, pretty, ugly or anything else until you tag them with a judgment. The very act of naming it reveals how you are choosing to experience it.

Many times situations that are unpleasant seem to hang on forever. It seems as though you no sooner get out of one jam than another pops up.
When situations appear in your life that you are not really enjoying, what is your response?
Do you discuss them with everyone who will listen? Do you go over them one by one, delving into the possible reasons for them and who might be at fault?
Do you stay awake at night worrying, feeling restless and stressful?

This in and of itself continues the cycle of these types of experiences. They will not stop until and unless you change how you are reacting to them. Most likely you act the same way to each situation that arises in your life, thus the continuing cycle of same energy occurrences.

When you are with family and friends what do you talk about? Do you get caught up in the chaos of rising prices, sickness, dis-ease, poverty and how hard life is?
The recession, hard times, unhappy relationships, terrible job, nosy neighbor, high prices, unsafe world, etc. etc. are all in your head and the heads of most humans on this planet.

Take a hard, honest look at what you talk about and think about.

If you were to begin seeing what is as just an experience, a passing moment, a fleeting situation that had no power over you, your whole attitude about it would change in an instant.
It's the rehashing of it over and over in your thoughts, giving more meaning and more passion to it that makes it seem even worse with each rethinking.

Nothing in life is permanent, even the great mountains erode over time.
Seasons change, babies turn into adults, leaves fall from trees, flowers bloom again in spring after being dormant all winter.

If you remember that every thing in your life right now is there by your invitation and your consent, that it is not forever; then you can move more easily through anything that comes into your experience

Focus on the gift, the blessing that comes with each new interaction. Everything brings a message of deeper self understanding, deeper experience with remembering Who You Are and that Source Energy always flows through you.

As you shift your thinking to one of allowing and receiving, life feels easy and things flow through your experience with a greater ease and deeper spiritual meaning.

It's only when you choose to resist, fight against, blame, judge and condemn that life feels hard.

Pay attention to your feelings, when you notice that they are out of line with what you wish to experience you are then aware that you can change them by simply shifting your thoughts.

You can pay attention to the problems and keep them in your experience or release them and change your thoughts along with your feelings and attract something different.
The choice is always up to you and it all lives in your head.


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