Monday, January 3, 2011

The Universe Is Acting Through You


Realize That Nothing Is Personal -

The Universe Is Acting Through You

by Deepak Chopra

It sounds strange to hear that you shouldn't take your life personally. What could be more personal? Yet the universe's plan is composed entirely of impersonal forces. They apply equally to every object, every event. They are not loaded against you or for you, any more than gravity is.

Finding your soul is the same as finding the impersonal self, because the soul has direct access to the invisible forces that uphold the cosmos.

Intelligence is impersonal, and so are creativity and evolution. They are discovered only in your deepest awareness. To take full advantage of them, look upon life as a school, with consciousness as its curriculum.

The ego takes everything personally, which is a big hindrance; experience is happening to "me." Buddhism spends a great deal of time trying to dispel the notion that this "me" has a claim on experience. Instead, Buddhists say, the experience is unfolding on its own, and you, as an experiencer, are simply a conduit. Thus we get formulations like "Thinking is thinking itself."

It can be baffling to unravel the complexities of such a simple statement as "Being is," or "The dancer is the dance." Yet the essential point is practical: the less you take life personally, the more easily it can flow through you. Holding on lightly works. Holding on tightly doesn't work. Nor does assuming that every experience either builds you up or tears you down.

The flow of life doesn't sort itself into plus and minus columns. Everything has its own intrinsic value, measured in energy, creativity, intelligence, and love. To find those values, a person must stop asking, "What good does it do me?" Instead, you witness what happens, finding fascination in all of it.


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