Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Time of Spiritual Awakening


A Time of Spiritual Awakening

by Marie C. Barrett

Now is the time of spiritual awakening. Step into your true power, stand tall and shine your light that it may guide others along this new path of self-empowerment and the evolution of spiritual awareness.

The old paradigm of immersion in the mechanics of the physical world no longer functions adequately. You, the seekers and way-showers, are called to help humanity awaken to their personal and collective power of conscious creation and total personal responsibility. It is time to rethink your world view and become spirit-based in outlook and spirit-based in daily living.

We stand at the dawn of a new spiritual awakening for humanity in which we step beyond past boundaries into a future of infinite possibilities. This world of potential has always been here, but our awakening as conscious creators is just emerging into the light.

"This faith, this consciousness, can be developed in every life, and somewhere down the line of our cosmic journey, we, one and all, will develop it. Some will succeed in doing so in this incarnation, perhaps in a few days, a few weeks or a few months, while others may take many incarnations in which to develop it. It is for each life to say how quickly the work will be accomplished for itself."

Welcome to the wonderful world of possibility thinking. You will be amazed at how altering the way you choose to think can radically change your world and make available to you, limitless possibilities for holistic wealth and happiness.

This reminder is specifically intended for the way-showers, the teachers of the new paradigm to which humanity is gradually awakening. And it is also for those who are searching for spiritual understanding and clarity. I trust you are already consciously using the Law of Attraction to deliberately create your experiences and manifest your dreams.

It is incumbent on you now to learn new ways to work with thought, matter and energy, and in doing so, be ready to help others embrace a higher vision of life. It is never your mandate to change anyone’s beliefs, but simply to offer new choices.

The time of adhering to old limiting beliefs has come and gone. Open your mind and heart to the intuitive understanding dawning on your mind and in your heart. Listen to the silence between your breaths; get in touch with the spark of divine love that is burning in your heart and making you ache for more. See only the great possibilities of our wonderful future, based on love and decorated with joy and beauty. Our future is in our hands right now. It is not predetermined; it is a fluid state of being, in the process of creation by us here and now.

Since we create with our thoughts, envision what you really want our world to become: think big, think beautiful, think joy and prosperity. This is the future we are building for our children and their children.

It starts with your thoughts and desires. It builds on the foundation of your generous attitude and caring and wisdom. Focus on what you want that is grand and wonderful. Step into the future absolutely convinced it is even more delightful than we can yet imagine. And so it is and will be.

This is our time of spiritual awakening, of our evolutionary leap of consciousness, of awareness. We are not becoming something different, we are simply becoming aware of who we really are: it is time for this collective spiritual awakening to burst into the collective consciousness of humanity, every individual, every heart ready to embrace it.

Let this be your rallying call to step up and be the leader you were born to be. As you have read this far, this is your destiny tapping you on the shoulder.


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