Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Shift into the New World


The Shift into the New World

by Alisa Gamblin

Are you feeling "The Shift"? As we are being rewired to accept higher vibrating energies we have to let go of the lower vibrations.

Not only is this happening on a personal level but also on a global level. Lower vibrating energies are being released in every aspect of life.

We spend years doing "the Work" on ourselves to now find we are overwhelmed, confused...stressed out. If we have been doing "the Work" releasing the old how come we are having this experience now?

As our old world is being dissembled we have to release our own identity of who we are/were in relation to it. It should be easy right? We have been changing for years now. Our common way of being in relation to the world has to change. WE can no longer be who we have been. A great deal of our identity came from what is now being restructured.

And through this process our known identity is being challenged, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, confused, and stressed.

All of the work we have been doing on ourselves and on the world is now showing up...the world is going through its transformation - the one "We" have worked so hard to bring about.

We had believed if we worked hard enough, long enough, then we would achieve the shift.

Did we ever stop to think what "THE SHIFT" meant?
How it would changes our lives, our own identity? If our identity comes from our outer world and the outer world changes - then who do "I" become? Everything that made up who I thought "I" was is not.

We are in a time of reflection...if we move forward and succeed...then what?
Our life has been dedicated, directed and given purpose by our drive for change, our drive to create heaven on earth.

When the task is complete "Who am I"?

The identification of the EGO will be completely gone.

Are you ready to move forward into the unknown? A being without an EGO identity as you know it? Living in a world where the outside world does not define you?

We are at the crossroads. A pivotal turning point. The energy of the new year, the alignment of the planets...all taking us deeper within ourselves to answer the very question....Is this really what I want? Do I really want to arrive at what I perceived as my destination? Am I ready to embrace my creation? Can I step into the unknown that lies ahead?

As we welcome in the new energies and the New Year we are free to let go of all that no longer serves us. We can Re-Make who we are and create a world we choose to live in. The time is now to step up and become all you can become. Let go of past conditioning, of old beliefs that limited you. You are an amazing being and can create a world you love to wake up to. Let’s join together in creating a most amazing planet called earth.


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