Saturday, January 22, 2011

Enlightened Love Knows No Boundaries


Enlightened Love Knows No Boundaries

by Gordon Rosenberg

Enlightened love is an energy which comes to us from the universe and which we fully accept in our being. Enlightened love doesn't stop when you think it should. It's not dependent on another person. It doesn't leave when you're tired of it. It doesn't come and go on a whim. It's always there for you.

If you block this universal energy, you keep yourself from receiving the what you need. But if you let go of fear and allow this energy to come to you fully, you'll receive all you need and you'll recognize the exalted feeling it brings. You then know what it's like to receive and give love, without worrying about losing it. You don't hold back out of fear or disillusionment or misperception of what love should feel like. You let go and experience all that it has for you.

Real Love Versus Shadow Love

You can learn how to know when you're feeling this real love versus feeling a shadow version. Shadow, or immature, love, is that which isn't generated by the universe, but rather comes from either some sensation inside you or more likely from someone or something in the external world. You're really not capable of knowing why real love comes to you or how it should feel. You are capable of knowing when to accept and use it. You can use real love for your own development, your own growth, and for assisting others in their healing and growth.

We are largely at choice about how we use the true energy of love, but in my opinion its highest expression is for healing and awakening (which also happens to feel wonderful in us!) While some of us may use this gift for purely physical pleasure, we can also use it to access higher consciousness. Love has been used in this way for centuries, by such disciplines as Tantra and Taoism, and others. Perhaps you've experienced your own higher form which has come from a bond of this nature. If so, you have some idea of the great healing and spiritual power of love. You can literally get in touch with who you are by experiencing love of this kind.

Love is the Great Healer and Teacher

You can also use love for its great healing power alone, without experiencing any of the traditional physical sensations of love. You may know of what I speak. Have you seen people apparently healed by love in some way, when nothing else seemed to be working? Love is a great healer.

Love is also a great teacher. We learn a lot by being in the presence of love. Love comes to us when we need to learn something and it helps us get the lesson and move on. Have you experienced love in this way? Have you learned from love when you couldn't seem to learn any other way? Love can give you all the information you need to live and thrive here.

Love will teach you each step of your way. Give love the chance to heal you and it will do so. Give love the chance to help you grow and it will do so. Give love the chance to give you all you need and it will do so. You're a child of the universe. You can never be anything else. As such, you're here to learn from the universe, to let the universe flow through you as love, to learn in all ways possible--merely by staying open to the experience of authentic love.


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