Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Living in the Flow


Living in the Flow

Let us offer you some insights on this matter so that you may understand better the desire of your heart for a life of harmony, fulfillment and abundance…

We can begin by asking ourselves:
What does it mean To Live in the Flow?
Does it mean to sit down and wait for the Universe to magically satisfy all our needs and desires?

Does it mean to use the power of one's faith and to expect that one's desires will be fulfilled by a Supreme Being just because we have faith?
Does it mean to do as much as we can to pursue the satisfaction of our needs and desires with the trust that the processes of life will do their part with kindness?

In the Archives of the Perennial Wisdom is also found the expression, "living in the Flow"… There, the emphasis is not so much upon a way of living in which there is a complete satisfaction of one's desires and aspirations… Instead, the emphasis is upon awakening to the inner realization that we are co-creators with the Intelligent Forces responsible for the manifestation of the entire Universe…

Therefore, according to the Wisdom living in the Flow and living exercising one's responsibility as a co-creator of the processes of life are the same thing…

This co-creator role is at the very essence of our being, and it is founded upon some of the elements indicated by the above questions:

Yes! Being a co-creator is living in a world of magic!

But it is not magic as something unnatural, unpredictable, or miraculous… It is the magic that comes from understanding the processes of Nature and our dynamic, active role in them. It is the magic of knowing that in every one of us there is the same Mighty Power that has created the galaxies, the stars, the animals and the flowers in the fields.

It is the magic of exercising this Mighty Power to create what we want — through our capacity to formulate creative thoughts and to generate attracting feelings (Love) — and of experiencing our creation…

Yes! Being a co-creator is to make use of one's faith!

But it is not to make use of a blind, passive faith. It is the use of the faith that moves mountains — a faith which is born and grows in us from recognizing and accepting that we truly are made in the image and likeness of the Most High…

Yes! Being a co-creator is to do our part while knowing that the Intelligence originating and sustaining all things and processes in the Universe is motivated by Love and Abundance…

But it is not to do our part rushing through the daily life under stress attempting to be in control of every detail. It is to do our part everyday by consciously using the creative power contained in our thoughts only in the direction indicated by our heart's desire, while knowing that the Intelligence of the Universe always brings to fruition our desire with a mathematical precision…

Thus, dear fellow travelers, to live in the Flow is a magical experience founded upon the truth that WE ARE the image and likeness of the Most High — a magical experience which we attract to our lives by using the mighty creative power contained in our thoughts under the direction of Love and only Love…

These are the reasons why the Teachings of Wisdom, since times immemorial, have said:

"To live in the Flow is just to love — to love not only through our feelings but also through our thoughts…"

May the Blessings of the Great Host of Light surround your being and life conditions!



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