Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Emotions

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Emotions

by Vivien McKnight

Spring cleaning your house can be a messy job but it has to be done. So, too, with your emotions. There comes a time when you have to visit the nooks and crannies of your mind and see what is lurking there. There may be old hurts and resentments and until you sweep them away they will prevent you from moving forward with your life and getting the best out of all that comes your way. It’s the same with all the old memories that are no longer serving you. Bring them into the light, disinfect them or throw them away. Beating yourself up about past actions needs a touch of bleach. There are few people who enjoy cleaning. We would prefer to be outside enjoying life, but we cannot fully enjoy what life has to offer when we know that there are things inside which need our attention. Feelings and emotions are our energy trigger and if we want to have lots of positive energy we need to have positive feelings and emotions. We need to transform the negatives to positives. See now how you might make spring clean your emotional life.


You may be angry with someone or with yourself but wherever and whatever the cause of your anger, you are the only person who can deal with it. Feeling angry means that you have handed over power to someone else. Anger management is needed here. The answer lies within . There is a need to identify areas of your life and attitudes that you could change. Get out the mop and wipe away the grime that is anger. Take back the control by analyzing why someone or something has made you angry and see what part you played in it. Be honest.


Resentment is very toxic and needs strong anti-bacterial treatment. Sit quietly and think of situations in your life where resentment is hovering. Picture these resentments as large germs which could infect your home and your life. It’s not easy but must be done if you are to feel any kind of emotional peace. Visualize these germs dissolving as you attack them with the cleaner. Resolve to blot out any resentment and refuse to allow it to invade again.

Self esteem

This suffers when you dwell on the bad things. Time to get out the mirror polish and give the mirror of your life a brisk clean. Once you are brave enough to look at yourself and what you are experiencing in your life, the way becomes clear to making the changes that you need to make. When you can’t see in that mirror, drastic cleaning is required. You must move from a confused mind to a focused mind. As the spring cleaning gets under way you can start to move forward fully when you learn to love yourself and see yourself as worthy. Design a mantra to help you see yourself in a more positive way – “I am worthy.”


Ask yourself the question “Who or what am I blaming for my present unpleasant feelings?” Was it your old schoolteacher or your parents, an old lover? Whoever you are blaming, you have to take a step back, whisk over with the feather duster and see the reality that you were responsible for the outcomes of things in your life. Identify your part in the outcome of events and resolve to take responsibility for future outcomes.


Is there a box under your bed, hidden by dust, where you keep all your excuses? Here you might find all the reasons you have concocted for not living life in the way you would like. Examine them closely.”If I had been taller, I could have been a model and my life would have been better.” Do these justifications need attack with the all-purpose cleaner in order to refresh your thoughts? Are you harboring there the names and memories of people and circumstances that led you to feel cheated, abandoned, abused, frustrated? If you are, empty that box, throw away the thoughts, replace them with positive thoughts and tidy away the box again. Justifying gives you a convenient escape routine from taking action. Without action change cannot happen.

Manage your emotions

You can’t ignore your feelings and if the feelings and emotions are negative you absolutely have to deal with them. Get a strong broom and sweep them ceremoniously out of the door. Changing your negative thoughts and reactions to positive ones activates the Law of Attraction and brings positive people and situations into your newly spruced life. Get in touch with your feelings no


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