Tuesday, March 8, 2011

25 Ways to Raise Someone’s Energy and Your Own

25 Ways to Raise Someone’s Energy and Your Own

by Neil Legault

In our society we are so used to the day to day interactions with people who play mind games and try to influence others. Being with others and being genuinely you can be difficult when trying to navigate the world we live in. The competition for attention can be quite draining and often, after a day of continuous contact, you come home and feel completely drained instead of energized.

The 25 traits below represent the ideal way to be with others. Consciously working on these for yourself is the spiritual practice doing onto others as you would have them do onto you. Those who possess these traits are liked by many simply because being this way gives energy to others. It is the practice of being loving, caring, giving and sharing which is all about the flow of energy.

1. Allow others to be just as they are.

2. Give others the space to be and express themselves.

3. Show them your gratitude.

4. Be genuine, honest, open and loving.

5. Show a genuine interest in them.

6. Show them how unique they are.

7. Speak your truth without the need to justify it.

8. Allow others to speak their truth without judging them.

9. Listen. You’re alone when you do all the talking.

10. Don’t gossip about others. Talking highly of others is great but gossip is an energy drainer.

11. Give others the benefit of doubt – Everyone is human. Things are not always what they seem.

12. Give others space when they need it. Everyone needs their own space at times to refocus.

13. Consider their feelings.

14. Allow others to make their own decisions.

15. Allow your encounter to be just as it is without needing it to be different.

16. Be the same person with everyone.

17. Give them energy by sharing your excitement and passion for life.

18. Let them know how they bring something special to your life.

19. Be yourself.

20. Ask others for their honest opinion.

21. Resolve problems together.

22. Spend quality time with them. When you are there, be fully present.

23. Share an experience. Do something that you both have never done before.

24. Be playful, laugh and have fun. Stop being so serious. Being too serious is an energy drainer.

25. And most importantly, Know when to walk away from someone who is draining your energy on purpose. Its one thing to help someone in need and another to be abused by energy suckers. I’m sure you have already met someone who continuously drains you.

Try to feel when others are taking energy from you or giving you energy. Observe how others interact with you and if you look closely enough, you can pinpoint which trait they are not observing within themselves. Some people know and actively like to drain energy from others and most people have no clue because they are not conscious of it. It’s become a subconscious habit. Seeing and changing your subconscious habits allows you to connect with the flow of energy that’s within you. When the energy flows outward, you don’t have the need to get it from somewhere else.


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