Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Signs From Angels

Signs From Angels
How to Receive Messages from Heaven,
Communicate With an Angel

by Alice Landry

Divine guidance from the angels can come in many forms. In order to receive their gifts, however, you must first ask the angels for their help due to the spiritual law of free will.

As you tune into your senses and allow yourself to notice their signs, you can experience a renewed sense of faith and learn to utilize these light beings in all aspects of your life. Review the following examples of how angels can relay their presence and messages.

Angel Shaped Clouds

Angel cloud sightings have been reported all over the world. Since clouds can easily be molded into any form, angels use this medium to make their presence known and offer comfort, peace, and reassurance of well-being.

Actual wings, angel garb, halos, and faces may be discernable. Colored clouds or orbs that appear on digital pictures of the sky may also indicate angelic phenomenon.

White Feathers from the Angels

Feathers are a common form of communication from your angels. If you have prayed to the angels for guidance or for a sign that everything's going to be okay, be sure to notice feathers, especially white ones. They can appear as tangible objects on the ground or floating from the air.

Moreover, you may notice a random image of a feather, such as on television or on the side of a moving truck. The angels use various means to get your attention and let you know they're here to help.

Pennies from Heaven

People often have a primary symbol associated with angel messages, like rainbows, butterflies, repetitive number sequences, or pennies.

If you seem to attract pennies into your life for no apparent reason, you are probably receiving gifts from heaven. The angels may be offering you consolation or just a reminder to bring you joy. Also observe the dates on the coins as they can have specific meanings.

Musical Signs from the Angels

Clairaudience, or "clear hearing," is another route to receive divine guidance. The angels love to create celestial music, and you may have heard their symphony playing in your head or as an actual audible sound.

In addition, angels can communicate through music by cleverly arranging for a song with words like "angel" or "heaven" in the lyrics or title to play at just the right time you need to hear it.

Angels in Dreams

Dreams have always been an avenue for the subconscious mind or the spiritual realm to communicate with the conscious mind. When you are in a state of deep sleep, your mind is more receptive to divine intervention and communication. If you have a question to ask your guides or angels, write it down in a journal.

Upon awakening, be sure to describe any visions, feelings, or insights you had throughout the night while you were dreaming.

Angels are eager to help you with everyday tasks. They will provide you with messages of their presence and comfort, guide, and protect you on your life's journey. Remember to ask the angels for help and notice these and other signs as gifts from these heavenly beings.


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