Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Expanding Love from the Inside Out

20 Practices to Let Love Flow Through You

Expanding Love from the Inside Out

by Neil Legault

When you allow Love to flow from the inside out, you are in tune with “what Love would do” and “Love hurts no one”. The flow of Love in every individual is different and is based on negative beliefs about yourself. Working on opening your heart (heart chakra), without the need to shove ideas or to find external sources, allows you to burn-up and settle your past hurts and experiences which block the natural flow.

A byproduct of allowing Love to flow through you is a greater connection with Life, connecting with the law of attraction and most importantly, Self Love.

Here are 20 practices to help you build a greater flow.

1- Resist the desire to react negatively to what’s around you. This is a hard one. Just being aware of it is a huge step.

2- Allow yourself to project a positive outlook about Live and you.

3- Meet people’s negativity by turning it around to neutralize it or shine the positive that is present.

4- Enjoy as many moments as you can where you can do a walking meditation.

5- Slow your pace on all activities and focus on doing with Quality vs. Quantity.

6- Slow your pace to make all your activities a joyful meditation.

7- Show a genuine appreciation of others early on to set a new pace for your interaction.

8- Make someone’s day by doing a spontaneous act of kindness. The more you listen to others the easier it is to identify what it is.

9- Spend time alone and allow yourself just to “feel” Love inside you.

10- Allow Love to swell up in you as much as you can. Let some tears of joy come if you can without forcing it. This opens your heart chakra. You will feel an overwhelming desire to forgive yourself or to connect with others.

11- Be present at all times. This means that you have to listen closely to what IS as much as you can.

12- Help others look at themselves in a positive light.

13- While you are being, listening, enjoying the moment, allow positive thoughts about you to surface without trying. Don’t force them but allow the ones that feel genuine to expand.

14- When you feel a strong flow and connected to Life, allow your past hurts to surface naturally and forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself allows more flow.

15- Forgiving yourself is an acknowledgement that something happened, there was hurt and now you want only to Love.

16- Project Love on purpose. Feel Love for others, animals, flowers, etc. Looking at them and feeling the Love you have for them raises their energy and they feel your Love and acceptance.

17- Allow yourself to feel with others when negative or hurtful things are happening to them. Their hurt is your hurt. When you feel Love for others, you recognize that we are one. A unity of Love to emerges with you at the center.

18- Try to see that there IS only Love being expressed everywhere. See all negativity as a cry for Love. Don’t interpret what is happening. You find it by asking “what would Love do”.

19- Bring a stable, meditative flow of Love and practice the 50 Ways to Connect with Yourself and Life.

20- Work with a friend on these and do it together to increase your awareness of the energy flow. There is more energy when two or more are together. But remember to be and have a genuine experience for yourself. I.e. be true to yourself and your experience of this moment.

A big part of being successful is creating some consistency in your life to allow the expansion of Love to happen and stay. Maintaining an upwards balance between positive expansive thoughts and the burning of old hurtful thoughts is an art that you can easily master if you allow yourself the space to do it. Old hurtful thoughts get burned up and their negative emotional charge gets released. You will still have the memories but they won’t hurt you as much or at all. This collapses the “time” required to heal.

They say that time heals all wounds but it’s really about allowing the flow of Love to happen again. In other words; Self Love.

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