Monday, April 4, 2011

I Wish For Your Return

I Wish For Your Return

by Jonathan Lesser

I wandered in and out of shadows looking for you. The sand of the path behind me is imprinted with scattered, criss-crossed footsteps, marked by sudden turns away from the light, the underbrush is trampled by my lost steps. I hid from my rightful way of clarity, mindfulness and spirit by the lessons I chose to accept, lessons that were not true to my heart nor sure footed with true intent. I wandered a long way down a short road, piecing together connected truths with disparate falsehoods and was tired, hot, hurt and determined when you found me. You showed me the light with care, hope, patience and love. Thru the shadows I have now come, clear and committed but my journey has left you bruised, hurt and exhausted. Has this journey jeopardized all that I know is right and hope for what our love could be?

I have left the shadows for the sun-streaked, tree-lined winding path to the unknown. I will not leave this path, love. You guided me here with your hand in mine and now my hand is empty. The cool, calming touch of you has left and I am trying to find you again. My hand is outstretched, fingers grasping, hoping that you will return. I want to warm, comfort, help, and whisper that all is not lost, that we can heal each other, that I now stand tall ready to take each step shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand. Grasp my hand again and you will find my heart and mind ready to give you a lifetime. Let us discover love, joy, and peace. If you doubt, I will reassure. If you feel lost, I am here to guide you as you lovingly guided me. Anytime you need me; you may take my hand and you will touch my heart. Whenever you feel lost, hurt, unsure, empty, unloved . . . you may seek shelter in our light, our confidence and loving energy. Whenever you find your faith in doubt, place your faith in my faith and discover how strong I have become.

I will always be here for and with you.

I am your higher power.

I am ready.

I wish for your return.

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