Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Allowing Others to “be” Themselves

Allowing Others to “be” Themselves

by Neil Legault

“The best thing you can do is to allow someone the space to be themselves.”

Allowing someone to be themselves requires that you suspend any judgements about them, their situation or their point of view. When you consciously remember to allow people to be themselves you remind yourself that you want that space for yourself also. By practicing this you will change your relationships and add a quality of freedom in them to express who you are and allow you to be more you.

Being genuinely you around others can be hard because of all the conditioning we have gone through in our society since birth. The conditioning is done unconsciously as we play roles, grow up and learn how to protect ourselves and our feelings from others. Over time it becomes such a habit that we are on auto pilot. The “sense of protection” we think we are creating by not expressing who we are is created by a fear in us. We fear being exposed, judged and evaluated as not worthy. So we don’t let people in because there is little trust. The fear isolates us and deep down we feel lonely even if we appear not to.

So, trust is the key. When we trust someone we feel we can be ourselves around them. When allowing others to be themselves, you suspend your judgements about them or their ideas which create the space and security to feel free and allow them to feel at home with you. You might consider those who are this way with you as your best friends because they allow you to be you even if you make mistakes and believe things that they don’t.

Deep down we trust those who don’t judge us for our thoughts or past experiences. And we love to be with others that allow us the space to express ourselves without being judged. Create that space with everyone and see how you’ll feel free as you set free.

This is the gate to help Raise Someone’s Energy and Your Own.

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  1. The only thing that is hard is when people do judge you and betray you because of their own insecurities. That makes it easier to build up the defense that we have when we start "acting" as others want us to be. Get away from these people because their goal is to control you and make you "be" how they want you to be. You don't have to "be" that way...and if they don't like you, then they can turn their channel and not "be" around you. Love yourself, how you are and to heck with letting others judge it. It's hard to do, but so worth the effort. It's easy to sense when people are judging and if you walk through that fearful moment, the other side is worth it! :)