Friday, April 15, 2011

The Play

The Play

by Jesse Goodman

One of my favorite quotes states something along the lines of:

Just when the caterpillar was about to give up ... he turned into a butterfly.
It reminds me that things are not always as they seem, and that I need to take a moment to look at things from a slightly different angle.

This is when I remember the story of the Play.

Imagine for a moment that someone is writing a play for you. This play is one of experiences and parables, that are designed to teach something.

Designed to illustrate many different perspectives on a situation to help illuminate a broader vision of how things could be. This helps to show you side you had not considered. The beauty is, this play is perfectly designed just for you. There are many other players, some with brief roles and some with main parts that come in and out of the different acts with you.

You have become so immersed in your script that you lose yourself to the role you are playing. This is something you enjoy watching in movies is it not ? The best actors and actresses do not just read a part, they become it. That is part of why you enjoy watching them so much. Then a moment comes when you seem to step off the stage, you find yourself preparing behind a curtain for the next part. Sometimes you watch in awe as the stage is cleared and things are prepared for something completely different. In this moment, you remember who you are. You begin to hear us speaking inside you again. The laughter as we remind you that you are never alone. The feeling of being connected to everything is so amazing that you wonder how you could have possibly forgotten it for one moment.

We wish to remind you that you are the master directors of your own play. You create the perfect situation to remind yourself of something which you choose to delve a little deeper into. This is the way it works at times, even when you choose to forget.

So please, celebrate these acts when you enjoy the script and the role you have chosen for the day ... as you do the moments of emergence when you find yourself remembering the truth of the play you are in.
It is in these moments, when you pause to consider the beauty of the lessons in the play you wrote. The way all the parts fit together, act to act, using what we call energetic art to paint a picture of emotions. It is in this moment of expanded awareness that you choose.

You choose what set to use for the next play. What the scenery and special effects will be. Who all the characters will be. Some you choose from your last stage, to play the exact same part. Some you ask to play a different role. You even hold a new casting for roles that you feel would better serve your next step.
You continue this process over and over again.

You are actually going through this review in every moment, whether you choose to consciously be aware of it or not.

If you don't choose, you simply play out the same act again. Reading from the same script, with most of the same characters to support you, as you are supporting them in their own play.
We share this with you today as a simple reminder, for that is the script you wrote for us.

You are the master director of your own play.

At any time you can write something different, and choose to read a different script.
The entire time, no matter the stage, we are there applauding for the show and cheering you on ...
waiting to see what you write next.

As always ... thank you for sharing in this space with me today.
For playing in the HeartFire.

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