Saturday, February 25, 2012

Words are only carrier of our wisdom

Words are only carrier of our wisdom

By Sandy Seeber

I found myself in this beautiful light room. It must be one of those rooms you would find in a baroque palace. The ceiling was high and decorated with beautifully carved angels overlooking the whole room. On one side there were windows high enough to let the angels look into the world. On the other side was just white light. I felt comfort and space. There was a majestic chair in the middle of the room. It seemed powerful to me and I felt drawn to take a seat on its red soft cushion.

Once I sat down something pulled my attention. In the corner in front of me there was something that did not fit in this precious room. It looked almost ordinary in a world of elegance. Although I just settled in a very relaxed and comfortable position, I decided to have closer look to something that seems almost disturbing in this peaceful room.

So I went into that corner and once I got closer to this object, I recognised a potato sack. I was confused. Why would someone leave a potato sack in such a splendid room? It was filled and I wondered about its content. It was tied up with a rope. Did it move? I do not remember? I was curious and I felt save enough. So I grabbed the rope and released the knot.

Out of the now open sack were floating words over words into the room. Each of them had small white wings. The words were long and short, some of them in English, others in Spanish or even German. There were few of them I couldn't understand. But most of them were words I would use very often. I was astonished and felt a freedom around me I would not be able to describe.

On of the words stopped in front of me. It was the Spanish word for word, palabra. With its angel like wings it whispered to me following:

"Words are tools for you to communicate whatever is important to you. They are tools for you to create beautiful visions and messages of wisdom. They are tools to show compassion and love. They support understanding, learning and teaching. Words are carrier of wisdom. They can comfort and embrace you. But they can also be evil and angry. They can hurt and destroy you. But this all can only happen, if you believe in words.

Once you let go of your attachment to words, you are free! Free to decide whether you believe or not in the words you hear, read, think, say or write.

Words carry emotions of only the person who creates them and it remains your choice in how you deal with the words you receive. Listen to the words of others with the knowledge that these words don't belong to you, but also listen with understanding!"


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