Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Say Yes to Your Heart

Say Yes to Your Heart

By Katherine Allen

When we say "yes" to our heart, we are living from wisdom. The heart is the doorway to our souls. Most of us live our lives trying to solve our daily problems using our brains instead of our hearts. We underestimate the value of our hearts intelligence. We think that it is our brain that can figure things out but it is limited to logic - sorting and processing. It is the heart that uses feelings, intuition, and the many other higher energetic gifts that creatively help us to discover new solutions. When we rely too heavily on the brain to solve our problems, it begins to default to stressing and struggling as it attempts to wrap itself around the complexity of the problem. It gets energetically blocked to creative solutions that lie deep inside our hearts because as in our language we must first get to the "heart of the matter."

The brain alone can only take us to a certain point; we need our heart's intelligence, cooperation and partnership. In the heart, we can get to the crux of the matter and to the truth of what is truly going on. When we tap into the feelings, impulses, and the knowledge of the heart, it can override the brain's angst, reduce our stress and create a harmonious vibration for an equal or better solution.

If our challenges involves other people, it is even more important to come from the heart as it is in the meeting of hearts that we gain true communication (to commune with) resulting in love and connection.

So why not go to the heart, instead of the brain, when trying to solve a problem? Well, for most of us, the heart route is so new and mysterious it is mistrusted. Culturally, we don't trust the advice from our heart as much as the advice we get from our head. Most of us feel we will get hurt if we expose our hearts. As evidence of that distrust, consider the underlying meaning of this phrase: "she wears her heart on her sleeve," meaning she is too transparent therefore vulnerable, easily hurt.

Yet it is transparency and vulnerability that breaks the walls of isolation we often find ourselves trapped in and opens new possibilities. This may come in as brilliant new thought or the right person appearing at the right time or a new opportunity suddenly appearing. It is our innocence and vulnerability that encourages others to step forward and help us and together we are stronger. Only in our innocence, trust, vulnerability, we surrender to the heart, where the forces of the universe meet up to assist us in ways than we could ever do alone.

Living from the heart is paradigm shift that will take us from simply surviving to thriving. It takes us to a new path in which we can easily attract our desires with greater speed and ease. It greatly reduces the stress and complexity of the problems. We simply have to re-train ourselves to tap into the heart, listen to its requests and begin to understand that it is in the cooperative partnering of the head and the heart where our lives' begin to truly bloom. When that shift takes place the hearts governing action: the power to attract into our lives exactly what we truly want and when we are really ready for it is fulfilled. A life lived with grace, ease and flow is only some of the rewards.

Three ways to begin to make the shift living from the heart instead of the head:

Seek to be more authentic, to daily check in with what feelings are in your heart.
To declare that you will shift from external power (outside yourself) and instead be motivated by your own internal knowing and power.
Give up controlling, willing and resisting. Instead follow what your heart and mind together is telling you, that which feels right and makes sense.


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