Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moving from Dense Energy to High Energy



Moving from Dense Energy to High Energy

by Carolyn Gwiazdzinski

Forgiveness: Moving from dense energy to high energy ~ I have had to learn a lot about forgiveness in the years that I have been on this fair planet, actually more than one person should experience in their life. As an empath, sensitive and intuitive, I have been aware of human behavior and attitudes since I was a kid. There were many times I found myself witnessing some very challenging behaviors from the adults in my life; adults that should have understood the rules for being a responsible adult.

As a child, I found myself in protective mode for my brothers and sister; I couldn't have been more than ten years old and that is not counting my younger years. As a kid, I always felt that I understood how to get through the emotional difficulties, that society, in general has difficulty in feeling and understanding.

In my 20s and through 25 more years of a direct experience to the discoveries of my life path, I would finally have the appropriately healthy information, on many levels, that would assist me from going from being in stages of anger, which creates and generates a very dense energy; to forgiveness ~ a higher and lighter energy.

For the longest time, being aware of human behavior and being sensitive to trying to act from a better place, was difficult for me. My question for me was why was I always taking the high road, while the important people in my life just stopped traveling the road of awareness and common sense altogether. Finally, with much digging, healing and teaching, I came to the understanding that we all come into this life with the lessons, experiences and path that we are meant to live and to walk. Some of us may know this logically and some of us are just moving through life.

I had to finally understand that if I stayed in the denseness of no information or insight, my feelings and emotions became stuck in this energetic field and in essence, I would be jamming up my own energy by not moving forward with this newfound understanding. I would also come to understand that although for me, moving through emotions and feelings is a given, and I am pretty good at staying clear and in alignment, to remain in the higher energies, that society is not comfortable in feeling emotions and feelings.

The reality is; feeling emotions and feelings is not always easy and it takes time, focus, discipline and commitment to want to consistently apply insight and information to life changes, challenges and obstacles. It would be with what I have learned and taught in my life experiences that I would accept that we each move through our life lessons in our own way and that if we are not able to vibrate in similar understanding and learn about emotional balance and compromise, that our roads to travel become a different road for moving forward in our lives.

Forgiveness: moving from dense energy to high energy is a much better way to live life. It keeps us updated in our own personal energy field and it assists us in remaining in alignment with our soul knowing; a much lighter and higher energy.

So, for any of you sensitives out there, who are finding your relationships changing and you are not having the chance to be on the same page with each other, when forgiveness transforms the denseness of lower vibrating energy to an energy of insight and understanding; our energy level becomes lighter and clarity becomes the light that shines us on our path forward.