Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When Logic Fails…Faith Comes Handy

When Logic Fails…Faith Comes Handy

By Chandresh Bhardwaj

People usually do not believe in phenomena like déjà vu, miracles, wishes coming true and so on unless it actually happens to them. Many miraculous events, when analyzed by human minds, seem illogical and impossible. But suddenly one day, someone`s dreams come true or some critically ill patient miraculously recovers. Déjà vu happens when a situation is encountered! If you are a witness to these emotions or phenomena of life, you will certainly have a firm belief and faith in life.

Logic Vs Faith

Logic is basically reliable confirmation of truth. It has proof and reasoning behind it. It is not based on beliefs or faith but truly based on research and proof. It is the study of reason and a rational way of drawing conclusions. Faith on the other hand, is more about what a person feels in his gut, what he desperately hopes for and believes in. Faith is a belief with strong convictions, strong enough to carry you through the most desperate times. On many occasions, we do not know what the truth is or what exactly is happening around us. We are in a soup and do not understand what is correct.

Faith and hope can come to our rescue and show us the way. These are desperate times when logic fails. Think of a situation where a girl is critically ill and doctors have given up all hope. Her parents know that the situation is critical and all logical deductions tell them that they may lose their daughter. But if parents have hope and strong faith, if they can hold on to something strong emotionally, miracles do happen.

Time and again it has been proven that if you believe in something strongly, chances are you will realize your dreams As Henry Ford says, “If you think you can do it or if you think you cannot do it, chances are, you are right”. It totally depends on your belief and willpower. If you have the faith and confidence in yourself, logic might tell you otherwise, but chances are, things will happen your way! Just like a Trapeze artist needs to have full faith and belief that his fellow artists will be there for him, catch him and swing him appropriately, only then does he start the show. Logic does not prevail under such circumstances.

At the same time, completely relying on miracles or your strong beliefs without working hard is not going to reap benefits. Like, if you are entering a dance competition, it helps to have faith and confidence in yourself. But logic says you need to work hard to win it. You cannot just rely on your faith alone. Faith helps in boosting your morale and makes you work harder towards your goals.

Walking on the tight rope of logic and faith

Faith helps you tide over difficult times and gives you the confidence and hope that you need desperately. Relying on it completely and defying logic at all stages, might backfire. There needs to a fine balance between both to achieve your goals, reach the stars and realize your dreams!


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