Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reclaiming What Is Rightfully Yours Through Love


Co-Creation: Reclaiming What Is Rightfully Yours Through Love
by William Frank Diedrich

In order to co-create we have to clean up blaming and resentments. Co-creation is creating using the guidance of your Inner Being, your Higher Self. Anything you are holding against another is holding you. Anything you are holding against yourself is holding you. Power is found in complete responsibility.

Complete responsibility is your ability to respond to what is. You can respond to negative emotions by releasing them. Your release does not come from being against them, fighting them, or demanding that they leave.

The way to release negative feelings is to increase your positive feelings. As you increase your ability to carry positive thoughts and emotions, as you place your attention on that which you appreciate, and as you see more of your life from the perspective of your Inner Being, your love and light increase.

Imagine a hot air balloon. As it is filled with helium it rises higher. As you are filled with love you rise higher. You rise into the higher and finer vibrations of spirit. You rise into this higher vibration by opening your heart. When you feel the joy of loving you feel lighter, alive, and expanded.

Your willingness to open your heart, to feel unconditional love and acceptance toward self and others, dissolves your sense of separation. Love is the doorway to your vision. It is the doorway to becoming your Inner Being.

Love heals; love prospers; love uplifts; and love makes whole. It is difficult to define something so all encompassing as love. Love is the essence of the Source, and it is your true nature. You are love. Your Inner Being is love. When you are in a state of love, you are in alignment with Source. Love is unconditional appreciation and acceptance. Love is not something you give so much as it is a way of being.

To look upon a person or situation with love is to accept it completely and to see perfection in it. Loving yourself is accepting yourself exactly as you are and at the same time, seeing your perfection. As a human, you are imperfectly perfect. As a divine expression, you are the expression of perfection.

When you create without love, you are separating yourself from the Source. You are cutting off the pure positive energy of love. This creates lack, illness, or disharmony. When you open your heart, by focusing your attention on what you appreciate, by forgiving self and others, the pure positive energy of love again flows into your experience.

The flow of love never went away. You were never really separate from your Source. All that you have ever needed has always been available. These conditions of fear, lack, disease, and disharmony were created in your mind. Your mental creations then became your experience. You closed off your heart. You decided to hold back or to withhold from yourself the love that is your natural state.

Your journey to well-being is a journey homeward. You are reclaiming what is already yours. Abundance is already yours. It always has been and always will be. Wholeness is already yours. It always has been and always will be. Harmony and being well loved are yours. They always have been and always will be. Being one with your Inner Being, with the Source, with all creation, is yours. It always has been and always will be.


Your task today is to love your negative emotions. By loving them, you raise their vibration. You are shining a light in the dark corners of your being. You cannot create prosperity by hating poverty. You cannot create wellness by hating your disease or by hating your body. You cannot create a loving relationship by hating being alone. You cannot create peace with anyone by resenting their way of being. You create prosperity, wellness, loving relationships, and harmony through love.

People often believe that God is withholding from them. God never withholds. We withhold from ourselves. Our decision to close off our heart and withhold in any part of our life manifests as lack in our experience. Resentment, bitterness, disappointment, blame, frustration, unworthiness, condemnation, and other judgments are evidence of our withholding.

Breathe deeply and imagine a glowing ball of light in the area of your heart. Imagine you are radiating love from this area. See this love as a warm and powerful light. See this light expanding and radiating throughout your body. Continue to breathe deeply. See and feel this pure energy moving throughout each and every cell; each and every organ; and each and every system. See and feel it moving into your arms and legs. See and feel yourself filled and surrounded with this radiating light energy. Allow yourself to bask in it.

Are there parts of your body that have been unwell lately? Allow this pure energy to radiate into this area. Feel it and see it permeating this area of your body. energy to radiate into this area. Feel it and see it permeating this area of your body.

Are there any parts of your body that you have been negative or critical about? Radiate this loving energy into that part or parts. Love your body and all of its parts exactly as it is. For example, if you have always been critical about your teeth, love your teeth. If you have hated your shape, love your shape. Send loving energy into all of your body. You are opening your heart to the body that serves as your instrument in this life. Care for it and nurture it right now. After you have spent some time in this loving state with your body, ask it what it needs right now. Ask it what you can do right now to nurture it. Write down what you feel from this inquiry.

You are completely responsible for the body you occupy. Respond by loving it, accepting it, and giving it what it needs. You are not your body, but you need it to be well in order that it may serve you well.

If the body has been an issue for you, you may want to continue working with this energy to heal the way you feel. When you can stand before a mirror, naked, and appreciate and accept what you see, you are making good progress.

If you cannot do this, you may want to consider working up to this goal. As you continue to increase your love for your body remember that your body is not you. It is an instrument that serves you. You are your Inner Being.

The same can be said for issues of finance or relationships. Radiate the energy of love from our heart to the situation. Where do you feel discomfort in your body over finance or relationships? Radiate love to those areas. Open your heart to your present situation and see it as your opportunity to expand your world. Each situation you encounter is an entrance through which you may walk into your greatness. Blaming and resentments are blocks to receiving the good that is already yours. As you let go of negativity and focus on love, you allow the natural joy and love of your Inner Being to expand in your mind. As your joy and love expand, you attract situations in life that resonate. This is co-creation.


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